Tips & Tricks For Neat Online Casino Search Engine Optimization

Monetizing on your own casino may seem like a dream come true. Gambling is, after all, a $48.7 billion industry. Surely there’s a share for everyone.

Sadly enough, the niche is not too friendly to beginners. And while development, QA and maintenance of your casino may be easily outsourced to smart and creative http://evenbetgaming.com team of online poker software developers.


Additionally a lot of frauds and scammers abuse Black Hate SEO tactics like spam or link dumps to gain drastic (yet fairly short term) advantage over competitors. So are there any efficient ways to promote an online casino to the target audience through White Hat SEO?

How do I SEO?

Do note that the following tips will be based on some outstanding practices in the industry. The benefits for your business are assured, yet these efforts will take some time. We will not be discussing frauds and cheats as Google’s search bots are too smart to allow abusive behavior in 2016.


  • Targeted Keywords. Keyphrases or better yet long-tail key words are today’s essential element of optimization. Given the industry is highly competitive your site won’t probably end up on the first page of Google’s results from the start if you are pushing for something like “bet online”. However, a narrowed search term might get you high in NY if you promote a keyphrase “online poker games in Brooklyn”. This phrase supports your end goal well enough. You won’t be getting too many traffic from it but hey, you will be number one in NY. Get some links, site and domain authority and voila – you can eventually posh forward to dominate the world.
  • Ensure your developer has created light, fast pages. Guys from Evenbet Gaming can help as these services are their expertise. Why care? Because speed and responsiveness of web pages is now a key factor for ranking after new Panda algorithms were pushed by Google.
  • Create content for people, not search engines, Google’s crawlers are too smart to fall for keyword dups. Your players are too smart to invest in a casino that’s not player-oriented. Educational content is your safest bet here with posts like “5 Ultimate Ways To Always Win At Poker”.
  • Pay attention to all link building efforts. Do not rely on automation otherwise you are risking of being penalized. Poor back links are, in fact, worse than no links at all. Think about it.

DO not forget about the importance of Google analytics. Learn about your audiences, monitor tactics that work and update them. Get rid of meaningless pages that barely attract any attention or you might lose ranking. All in all – play it smart and succeed.