Three pillars of an effective SEO strategy

SEO strategy

Atlanta has risen as a startup hub from the shadow of fortune 500 companies. It has one of the lowest LLC registration fees in the region and low corporate taxes, which is why many businesses are opening their headquarters in Atlanta. Moreover, the startup culture in the city is flourishing. Incubators like Atlanta Tech village are responsible for shaping more than three hundred startups and raising over $900 million in funding.

Besides an appropriate business environment, there is no talent shortage because of the institutes like Emory University, Morehouse College, and Georgia tech. Each year hundreds of students join the workspace after graduation, and many start their ventures during their college term.

However, a thriving business culture leads to a more competitive space. And to grow in a competitive environment, a company needs a reliable marketing strategy. Nowadays, SEO has become an integral part of any digital marketing plan. Many companies attempt to improve their SEO themselves, but it rarely proves beneficial.

Therefore, you must consider hiring an Atlanta SEO agency to undertake all the optimization-related work for your company. By outsourcing SEO to the experts, you will save abundant resources and time to focus on the core activities of the business. You can be assured that the SEO company in Atlanta will meet all your marketing needs.

The primary goal of any marketing plan or SEO is to pique the target audience’s interest and ensure a higher ranking on the SERP for better conversions. The SEO company will devise the perfect strategy to achieve the goal, which will showcase progress within a stipulated time frame. While it may sound easy, it is a complex process and can take months.

Having the right strategy means the job is half done, and by tweaking your plan, the SEO company can help you fulfill your marketing objectives. In other words, a well-designed strategy will increase website traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.

What are the essential aspects of an effective SEO strategy?

Here are some of the main pillars of SEO strategy that a professional agency will focus on.

1. Choosing the right keywords

Keywords are the backbone of any SEO strategy. People use words or phrases to post a query on internet search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

A website must have all the right keywords pertaining to its industry so that the search engines crawl their website and show it higher in the SERP whenever the users feed in their queries. When the users search for specific topics on the search engine, it shows them those websites that closely match their searched keyword. An SEO company will integrate high search volume and relevant keywords into the website to align your website with what people are searching for.

Moreover, simply choosing the right keywords once is not the ideal strategy. The keywords’ choice, execution, and monitoring must be evaluated timely for optimal results. For instance, keywords become outdated because what people like to search for changes with time. Consequently, if the keywords are obsolete, they can hamper the SERP ranking of the website. However, an SEO agency will keep a close eye on the performance of the keywords and their relevance.

2. Effective content strategy

You must have heard that content is vital for any website. The keywords must be put into the website’s content and must be relevant to the content. Even if you have all the right keywords in place, you cannot place them on the footnotes of the website and hope that it will increase the traffic.

Besides improving your website’s SEO metrics, good quality content also increases the engagements, lowers the bounce rate, and improves conversion rates.

Suppose you are a business, startup, or established company in the city. In that case, a local Atlanta SEO company will devise a content strategy to appeal to the local audiences and a broader audience. The agency will use content creation techniques to improve engagement by generating relevant content and will use CTAs to drive conversions for your business.

3. Website interface

If the website’s interface is not proper, the website will not fetch good results despite having the best content and keyword strategy.

The website must have a natural flow within its homepage and other navigational links. The users must be able to find all the information they need without having to look for it with difficulty.

An SEO agency will focus on improving the user experience, which increases the likelihood of them acting upon the desired CTA. They will also address the back-end issues that might hamper the website’s usability, such as redirect errors, broken links, and duplicate pages.

Thus, these are the three pillars of an effective SEO strategy that can help a business website achieve its marketing objective with the help of an experienced SEO agency.