The top 5 basic things to know about SEO


Websites, in their course to make good money and increase traffic, will want to ensure that their platforms rank high in search engines. You know, when clients are looking for products, services, solutions, images, among other many things, they will only trust those sites that appear on the first result pages, mostly.

A simple definition of SEO merely is Search Engine Optimization. If you want to learn more about the art of SEO, then this article unfolds SEO Explained in Simple Term.

1. Pay or Do it free

You can either choose to reach your customers through paid ads on search engines or by creating super-rich content and optimizing your website.

Paid search engine ads are the easy way out. When you pay a search engine such as Google, they will ensure that your site appears on the first page of the results page. On the other hand, if you choose the complicated way, which is free, you will have to come up with various strategies to bring your site on the first page.

Organic traffic is the best, and once you have a considerable amount of traffic to your site, it will be easy to get customers, and luckily enough, your site will rank high in the search


 2. Good quality content guarantees high ranking

Initially, SEO ranking was not complicated. You only had to pick several keywords and place them within the article. People took advantage of this concept, and most of them would misuse keywords within their content.

Google decided to change the rules a little bit. Things became difficult. You have to invest in good content; otherwise, your site will be on the losing end. Use a strategy to place the keywords at strategic points within an article.

Quality content also brings more people to your site. It encourages them to share the articles with their friends. They will also view you as an authority in that area.

 3. Keyword research counts

When clients go to any search engine, there are specific keywords that they use to get what they need. Those are the same words that you should consider utilizing.

Carry out extensive keyword research before you start crafting articles. Some business owners will hire keyword researchers who can do all the findings for them. You can also use different tools on the internet.

The titles, meta descriptions, URLs, and the descriptions should all have the main keywords placed in them to provoke visibility.

4. Get ready to optimize your website

Other than adding all the great features to enhance beauty and functionality, optimizing your website has another benefit. It will impact ranking high on the results page.

Create landing pages optimized for the search engine. In this case, you will have to install different tools and plug-ins to facilitate this marketing strategy. Other than that, you can use, internal linking strategies, such that you add links within the content that take you to other articles, pages, or products.

You will also have to work on the website’s loading speed, the architecture of the site, and using backlinks from other platforms.

5. Google has rules- follow those rules

Excessive use of specific keywords, in a malicious way, can lead to expensive penalties by Google. Do not just think that you will use them to manipulate the search engine just like that.

Remember that SEO is just an algorithm that Google uses to rank your site. Therefore, it enforces rules that they expect you to follow; otherwise, it can even lead to the closure of your online business.

There are two types of penalties: Google can either penalize you on content (panda content penalty) or punish you for irrelevant link building (Penguin Link building penalty).