SEO Tips – How to Generate Top SEO-Friendly Articles


Are you a web content writer or developer? Are you looking for professional tips that will make you one of the best SEO agents if not the best? Then this post is worth your attention. Please read on and get informed on how to come up with SEO friendly pieces for your site (or your clients’ sites).

  • Do your research – let’s face it, for you to get enough content for your articles, research is a must do. So, take your time to search through the web, maybe read magazines or newspapers or journals (depending on what you intend to write of course. Come up with good points and make sure that the points are relevant and interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Ensure that you have your keyword in your Title – the first thing that people will see is your article title. Make it catchy, interesting and ensure that you have your keyword phrase in it. As much as you are writing for internet users, you are also trying to get the bucks meaning that search engines are also a factor to consider. To get a good ranking from Google, Yahoo and other major search engines, place a keyword in the title.
  • Be original – one thing that internet users hate is content that is not authentic or original. In addition to this, there are search engine algorithms that monitor whatever you post online, and plagiarized content is one major reason that will get you blocked by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Don’t bore your audience with keyword – according to Webgator, keyword stuffing is one of the top mistakes that SEO agents or agents do. To ensure that your content is great, mention your keyword twice or thrice in one page. If truth be told, too much keyword phrasing maybe unappealing to reader.
  • Drop a few images if possible – want traffic to your site? You can choose to leave a few images in your posts. Doing so will help your content come up on image searches making your site or posts one of the most visited.
  • Make sure you stay relevant – people search the internet because they are hungry for information, and perhaps entertainment. Do not lose your focus. Ensure that every paragraph in your content is juicy and above all relevant.
  • Leave a hyperlink – hyperlinks are meant to link your content to a similar web article. However, be smart! Ensure that every link you leave offers you credit. Also ensure that the site you link to is an easy one to navigate. Again, internet users are impatient and they lose interest very easy.
  • Last but not least edit your work – when writing, mistakes can be made. Read your work (out loud if possible) be keen on your spellings and grammar just to ensure that you give your audience a piece that is free of grammatical errors.

There you have it! Enjoy your online writing with the tips and tricks presented above.