7 SEO Automation Tools You Can’t Live Without


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts don’t come easy but the results are greatly rewarding. Therefore, it is important to do whatever you can to make sure that your efforts pay off at the end of the day. To help you, my homework done experts say that there are a lot of SEO tools that you need to have to make your strategy successful. Without them, you may not actually realize the full potential of SEO and make necessary assessment of your progress with this important effort for your business success. Here are SEO automation tools you definitely need to have a successful SEO strategy and exercise!

1. Keyword Planner

This is an effective tool for researching keywords. Doing a keyword research is important for writing the most meaningful and relevant content. That is why you need a Keyword Planner. It helps you with a lot of functions to help you get the best of what people are looking for in your niche. The tool is focussed on AdWords generation and not a mere organic keyword research. To be able to do a lot of real keyword research, the services of a Keyword Planner is highly recommended.

 2. Google Webmaster Tools

This is the tool for getting you the “search” and “optimization” concepts as made available from merely looking at the dashboard. Marketers need to make a regular check on the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard to get important analytics to help with their optimization efforts. It provides easy-to-understand analytics in a way that is direct. According to buy dissertation online professionals, not much of tweaking will be required with GWT. You can easily access information displayed and use it.

3. Google Analytics

An online marketer needs Google Analytics to get going. Tracking your performance and how people are responding to your website is important in knowing what to do next. Setting up your website and waiting for results to start trickling in may not yield any meaningful success. Google Analytics is known for providing detailed high-quality information that you can use to enhance your SEO activities. Google is the dominant search engine hence the reason you need to work with such a tool for monitoring your SEO efforts.

4. MozBar

The secret to doing quality SEO is in knowing the right kind of stuff to focus on. This is what MozBar helps you to do. It helps you get to know the right kind of stuff at once. The MozBar button is located in up in the browser toolbar where most of the action is taking place. By clicking on MozBar, an instant report gets generated on the website you are accessing. There are three data categories in the toolbar: Page Attributes, Link Data and Page Elements.

5. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

This is an analysis tool that you need to plug in any site’s URL even if it does not belong to you and be able to create a report.  The SEOWorkers tool helps you to save much of your time when doing your analysis. Most importantly, it provides you with background information on the type of data you are analyzing.  The report is quickly generated and in full details. In the analysis, there are features that help you know whether your SEO efforts are paying off or not. This way, you will get to know where you need to pay attention.

6. Wookrank

This is more than just a good website analyzer. It provides very useful information on things that may not be accessible with ease. Woorank helps you to do an analysis to any website and get a report about it in a matter of seconds. This tool first shows a “top priorities section.” With this tool, users get insightful geodata to guide on what to include in your efforts to reach your target audience in different locations.

7. Backlink Analysis

To be successful at anything, doing an analysis is a must. The Backlink analysis tool is therefore important for crunching all data and information behind the backlinks. This includes the anchor texts, site quality, DA level, velocity, webmaster contact information and so on. This is important, especially when doing various kinds of backlink audits.

Final Remarks

Tracking all SEO activities and doing an analysis of each one of them is important for successful website success for your business idea. Doing SEO needs a lot of patience and a close monitoring of what is happening with your website hence the reason why you need these SEO automation tools to make your work a lot easier. Some of the tools are available for free but if you want to get things a little more serious, then you could opt for paid subscription tools. You will even be able to do a thorough SEO work. However, here are useful tools to get you started.