SEO 101: Tips for Writing Great Google Product Reviews

Google Product Reviews

In this article, we will discuss Google product reviews and how you can optimize your reviews to have them rank better!

The SEO world is filled with affiliate marketing sites competing with their own versions of product reviews and comparison guides to help the readers make an informed decision about what to buy or use. With such steep competition in the field of SEO, it can be challenging to write content that is guaranteed to rank on the Google SERP.

Google has many things that it looks for in a product review to assess its quality and relevance for users. In fact, Google likes to keep us on our toes by rolling out regular updates to even further increase the quality of the product reviews SEO specialists churn out. The most recent update was finished rolling out in April 2022.

However, Google itself gives quite a lot of great information to affiliates on how to go about writing quality reviews that will help you rank better. To that end, here are a few tips to writing better product reviews, based on Googleís own product review guidelines.

Tips for Writing Great Google Product Reviews

1. Keep the userís perspective in mind.

The first and foremost thing to take into consideration when writing a product review is the userís journey. From what the user is looking for to how they will use the product, a good review must answer every question that could come to a userís mind.

2. Share your expert advice.

There are things that you know about the products and what sets them apart that the user is not aware of. This is your expert knowledge about the product and a good reviewer must share that knowledge with his readers.

3. Compare different products.

When youíre writing a high quality product review, it is really important to compare the one product with the alternate and competitive options in the market. A user will only get the complete information about a product when they also know about the alternatives available to them, in case they decide not to go with this product.

A good example of such a comparative review is this guide to betting apps in India, which compares and helps the users choose the best available app in the market.

4. Discuss the pros and cons of each product.

A review is not really a review without a discussion about the pros and cons of each product you are comparing. A user must have an idea about the certain advantages and disadvantages of using one product or the other. Being as unbiased and detailed as possible will help you write honest and useful reviews for your users. Donít be afraid of letting your users know when a product lacks a feature or two.

5. Talk about the decision making factors.

For each category of products, there are certain factors that help the user decide which product to choose. Identify these factors and discuss each in a manner that can be best understood by the user. While you may be giving the user recommendations on what product to use already, it is advisable to let them learn how to rank those products against those factors as well!