Reddit as a Platform for Promotion of SEO Podcasts


Reddit is one of the largest online venues in the world, whose traffic reaches up to 1.40B views per month. In the global ranking, it is the 20th largest site and the 10th most visited online resource in the USA. It sounds convincing to use Reddit for the promotion of SEO podcasts, agree? The main audience of Reddit is the USA, India, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. The site boasts of the following traffic specs:

  • Bounce Rate: 24.2%;
  • The number of page views per visitor: 10.18;
  • Time on site: more than 17 minutes.

But the most important thing is that the Reddit.com service is just great — from it, you can effectively attract visitors to your site. And you do not have to pay a dime for it. So let’s explore how Reddit SEO works and how it can contribute to your podcasts promotion or podcast strategy planning.

Pros of Reddit

  • Attracting traffic is a way easier compared to using YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram;
  • Unlike many other social platforms, Reddit makes publications visible not only to your existing audience but also to all users viewing a page with it;
  • The service boasts of a high trust rate (Domain Authority Index is 99 out of 100);
  • On Reddit, you can post a “dofollow” link if your post gains a few votes;
  • To effectively use Reddit, you do not need to have many contacts as in other social networks;
  • Even young sites offering SEO podcasts are suitable for working with this service.

In general, the scheme site promotion by dint of Reddit is quite simple, there is nothing complicated. If you know how to work with data and analyze output, then you can be sure to succeed. Using this service, you can easily promote your site with SEO podcasts.

Reddit Promotion Strategies

Reddit can be seen as a platform for effective crowd marketing campaigns. That is, we establish contact with the audience to interest it in your podcasts afterward. This works with Reddit because the resource has all the features of a forum, with everyone being equal and helping each other there. There are at least three free promotion strategies with Reddit.

#1 — Do the Product Testing & Collect User Feedback

If you are just starting your way and want to know the reaction of your target audience, you can freely communicate your questions on Reddit. User accounts are depersonalized here, so people are most openly and honestly ready to express their opinion, without being afraid of social condemnation. So you get an honest response and advertise the goods at the same time.

#2 — Drive Traffic to Your Site

To attract new visitors to your resource, you can simply participate in various discussions and post a link to your website. To accurately interest the audience and motivate them to visit the site, write useful checklists, and guides. If the user sees that the information is really worthwhile, he will follow the link.

In general, the following subreddits are most demanded on Reddit:

  • Culture, art;
  • Life stories (with tips, tricks);
  • Educational posts;
  • Policy;
  • Religion;
  • Music;
  • Sport;
  • Nutrition;
  • Science;
  • Programming, technology.

The above business niches will get the maximum out of promoting their businesses on Reddit.

#3 — Create Brand Awareness

If you already have a well-developed and fascinating product and you just want to show your credibility and expertise, it is worth using the AMA “ask me anything” function. Thus, you publish a small post about yourself, about the company, and the product. And as a response, users will post questions related to the topic, your expertise, niche, etc. This establishes a trusting relationship with the audience, helps to further interest people in the product, and know more about their expectations.

Are You Going with Reddit?

With all the above in mind, Reddit is very similar to forums. By smarty using the site, you can gain confidence, establish trusting relationships with your customers, and properly brand your products. Use the site as an extra channel for communication with your target audience.