Problems you face for SERPS and their Solutions


These days, Application programming interfaces (API) are becoming really critical when you want to scrape the search results. In addition, the Search Engine Results Page which you shortly know as SERP is a vital feature of any results on the Search Engine Results Pages.

For the purpose of providing better answers to the userís query, Google has developed a lot of things. At the very first moment, you need to know that it is really difficult to scrape the results obtained with Google searches. Somehow, you can make use of some innovative programs that would provide assistance to scrape the search results in a very short amount of time.

What is SERPS

SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Page (SERP). To a query made by the searchers, search engines like Google display the pages and these pages are known as search engine results pages. Listing of the results is the main element of SERP. Search Engines can answer keywords, any word match, advertisements,and others.

Problems that you can face to scrape SERPs

Letís take a closer look at the challenges that you may face:


Among the top challenges that you have to face for scrape in the search engine results, captcha solving is a very difficult task. Ifthe captcha is not available for your website, it will become easy for the hackers and spammers to continue hacking the website and other illegal activities.As a result, you can easily waste a lot of time and effort just to solve the captcha. Therefore, captcha solving can become a very big challenge to scrape search results.

Managing the proxy servers

Maybe, you will get better advantages out of Zenserp services, but you need to know that managing the proxy servers is a very difficult task. A proxy server is a special computer that permits the computer to make oblique network connections to added network services. In short, it can work as an agent between the consumerís computer and the internet.

Now, you can understand the value of managing the proxy servers.  It is beneficial for you to call a special company which can help you to manage the proxy servers.

Constantly changing the markup of the search results

Following up, you need to keep in mind that the constantly changing markup of the search results will never allow you to scrape the search result smoothly. It can also be said that the changes in the mark up of the search results can stop you to maximize at SERP.

Processing a number of requests

Many people can face problems when it comes to processing a number of requests at the same time. When you have to process a lot of request at a moment, you would definitely get messed off with conclusions and doubts. Therefore, it can become yet another big challenge with which you have to deal in order to scrape out the search engine results.

How to return SERP API?

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that it is really difficult to determine how you will return the search engine result page application programming interface.  If you want to understand how you should return the search engine result page application programming interface, you can go with Zenserp without having any second thought there in your mind.

Choice of the SERP elements

Similarly, you would get messed up with some problems when you have to choose the perfect search engine result page elements. One should always try to go with a very professional and reliable company which can help you to choose an accurate and reliable search engine result page element. This is yet another critical challenge with which you have to deal for scrape in the search engine results.

Zenserp: A perfect solution for all the problems

In order to get rid of the mentioned problems, you can use Zenserp. To scrape search results automatically, you all have a great option which is known as Zenserp. You get search engine API to scrape keywords on the subject of your searched query in an effortless, express and lock manners. This system doesnít need any particular clients and mainly it is way cheaper than others.