How Outbound Link Works for SEO and Ranking

Outbound links are not only for providing links to an external source, but it has a many deep meanings attached to it. One of those deep meanings is improving your blog authority and ranking with outbound link SEO.

In this article we will see how can we use an outbound link to increase search engine ranking without getting penalized or using any black hat method.

The question of how to get more backlinks is not the only solution for higher rankings, little aspects (outbound links) also add to the ranking.

Linking others sites is simply called an outbound link, and when you link to another domain Google will predict what your site is all about. So, always link out to a relevant site.

Few important things:

  • Do’s – Always link to relevant sites – You can’t a tech blog with a Jewelry blog, this will give a bad signal to search engines. So find sites that are related to your content.
  • Don’t – try to fool search engine – Linking your own domains, or maintain a private blog network won’t work for long. Google with recent updates have devalued websites that have PBN’s. Say no to two-way backlinks.
  • Do’s – Build relationship with other bloggers, link to them and ask them them to link you back. It isn’t simple, but an effective technique.
  • Don’t – Link too many sites : Quality Outbound links are good but too many harm. Try creating pages internally and use internal linking techniqueto keep visitors on your site. Another good way to comeimprove your search rankings.

Finally link to the sites that are loved by Google, the best site would be Wikipedia, news sites like BBC, CNN, Reuters etc.

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Making use of outbound links in SEO can surely make a difference, what do you think? have you ever experienced outbound linking in regard to SEO. Do drop in your comments below.