Organic SEO: What It Is and How it Can Benefit Your Business

Organic SEO

Itís obvious that eCommerce sales are higher than they ever have been. Consumers have access to endless information and products right at their fingertips. In less than a minute, consumers can buy just about anything they might want. This provides ample opportunity for business owners to reach audiences they once never had access to. Truly, possibilities are endless with eCommerce. However, as the internet continues to open doors for businesses, itís also a highly competitive space. By just typing a word into a search box, a user could get billions of results. So how does a business stand out to consumers? This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. By understanding organic SEO and how it can benefit your business, you have the opportunity to grow your brand online like never before.

What is organic SEO?

Organic SEO is the process of improving oneís ranking on a search engine results page using specific methods and strategies. Itís called organic because the process of optimizing search engine results is an unpaid and algorithm-driven process. With organic SEO, a business doesn’t pay more money for the top result on a search engine. The methods involve the use of keywords, backlinks, and creative content in order to improve website traffic. By implementing a strategy using these methods, businesses can get their websites ranking highly in search engine results, leading to more website visits and overall growth for a business. Without words, links, or content pointing to your business, users will never be exposed to your online brand. The goal of organic SEO is to build your presence online using information and high rankings in search results.

Creative Content

One part of the strategy used for organic SEO is to write content. However, itís not just about writing any content. Itís about writing relevant content that helps answer questions that consumers have about products and services. For example, if a consumer is interested in lotion for sensitive skin, they might search on the internet for the best lotion for them. By creating blogs that talk about lotion for sensitive skin and linking your business into that blog, consumers have a direct path to your brandís site. With content creation, you arenít just putting a bunch of advertisements on the internet that share about your brand. You are providing consumers with useful information that directly relates to your brand. That way, when users search for things related to your business, you are one of the top results on the search engine. This not only provides your business with more website traffic, it also connects consumers to the products they need.

Getting in the public Eye

Another part of the strategy is working with major publications. Connecting your brand with journalists and reporters can get you featured in their top stories. This provides you the opportunity to expose your brand to a mass amount of people at one time. With these stories, backlinks will lead users directly to your site, drastically increasing the chance for your website to experience more traffic. Backlinks are at the heart of organic SEO. Without backlinks, there is no connection to your brand. The more content on the internet that links back to you, the more your brand rises in popularity. If your brand pops up once, a user will bypass you. If your brand shows up every time in the top search results, users will see your brand as the best in the industry. And when you are featured in popular publications, your brand begins to build authority and trust on the internet.

Optimize the Webpage

The third part of the strategy is optimizing your website. This means that having top of the line title tags, headings, and meta descriptions are crucial. If your website isnít able to be crawled easily on search engines, then your website needs some updating. Including keywords related to your business and what users are searching for is vital for the success of your website. By optimizing your webpage, your SEO strategy can grow your presence online.

Benefits of Organic SEO

When successfully deploying the strategies for SEO, your business can reap the benefits. Some of the benefits of SEO are:

  • More website clicks
  • Brand authority
  • Trust among consumers
  • A greater online presence

Organic SEO for your Business

Having an online presence is crucial in the world we live in today. Without using methods and strategies to show up in top search results, your brand will go unnoticed by many. Using creative content, major publications, and optimizing your webpage are ways to successfully use SEO to grow your brand. When using SEO, your business can benefit from being a top competitor in your industry. You will gain more traffic to your site, brand authority, and trust among consumers. With SEO strategies, your brand can grow its online presence organically and be the first brand users see on the internet.