Local Search Ranking Factors Revealed by Google

There are many speculations on local SEO ranking factors and in an unexpected move by Google all the inside view of local search algorithms has been published. Let’s see what are those.

With increased use of mobile devices, local search listings have been changed a lot, and the result has become highly relevant.

We all know about the fierce competition for the number one spot.

As the search engine giant revealed its main points of local ranking factors, I don’t see less competition in the time ahead. All the marketers and businesses can now see how the local SEO algorithms tick.

Google have made changed to their page – Improve your local ranking on Google, which is a part of My Business property. Before this page was very long and the size of text didn’t give us the relevant info that it had to provide. Now we have the golden opportunity to fulfill the needs of many businesses.

Again the roadmap is not complete, but you have all the detailed breakdown of how you can make it work for your local SEO campaigns. The important details from past like geographical signals and location plus distance is still kept inside this new local result SEO.

Here are those new data guidelines that can help you in local search results.

Complete data:You will get a message of completing the whole info about your business. The percentage of how much work has been left will display on your dashboard.

Verification:Google sends a postcard with a pin to verify your listing, this has helped people make location attribute to be fulfilled.

Accurate hours:Does your business run 24×7 or is it a 9 to 5 job. You have to specify what timings your business remains open and which day does it stays close, like on weekends.


Reviews:There’s also a review column where people can put reviews and the more reviews you get, the more credibility is expected from you.

Photos: You can also add a photo of your business, like your building, staff working together or may be how does your setup look like.

Distance:With proper address and location, Google can detect your query area and will provide results according to distance, which will help nearby clients reach you more efficiently.

All these will help you achieve higher ranking in your local rankings. So, what do you think about these factors? Have you registered your business with Google and what responses are you getting from your local researchers? Let us know in the comments below.

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