How To Hire A Reputable SEO Agency In New York


Hiring a reputable SEO agency requires time and good planning. If you donít do this, you will regret having wasted your time. Most of the trouble starts at the point at which you plan to exit from the relationship. Some agencies will not want to let you go. They may even refuse to release the historical data they have accumulated over the years. In some cases, they may even refuse to transfer the facebook page to you. In some cases, they may even want to pull your website down. This article seeks to explain how you can hire a reputable SEO agency in New York.

1. Come up with a budget

Setting up a budget should be the first thing you should do. SEO agencies charge different amounts depending on the kind of work you want to be done. A few of them will charge hundreds of dollars while some charge thousands of dollars every month. To this end, the budget should help you determine the agencies to hire for this job.

2. Do enough research

It is important that you determine beforehand what you want the SEO agency to do for your business. Set the goals and any other thing you want to achieve at the end of the day. Once it is done, you will need to determine the right agency that can do the job for you. Choose an agency that is experienced in increasing brand awareness. They should have a track record of helping companies improve customer retention. Also, they must show how they will help your business drive revenue high.

3. Shortlist three agencies to interview

You need to narrow down your search by choosing to interview about 3 agencies. The criteria to use when carrying out the interviews defer. But the obvious things you need to look at are the size of the company, its culture and the expertise they have. Consider the agencyís reputation and reviews from previous customers.

4. Interview the shortlisted agencies

You can do this by calling each of the agencies on the phone. It will help you learn more about what they offer. Have a scoring sheet and use known criteria to score them. Also, have concrete reference points to help to keep the process organized. It removes biases that lead to making the wrong choices. Also, when pitching for an agency, let them know the companies competing for the position.  Let them be aware of your expectations.

5. Select the agency to work with

The pitching process will help you determine the SEO agency to work with. For instance, if you pick to work with Punch SEO, it should be based on how they responded to the questions you asked. An SEO agency with a clear strategy should be given priority. Those that tell things you donít want to hear but which are in your best interest should be considered.

Thus, doing research is critical when planning to hire an SEO agency. Have a budget of how much money you are willing to spend on the agency and let the most impressive company get the job.