How to generate traffic the lifeblood of any online platform

generate traffic

A website without traffic is like shopping without customers or a stadium without supporters. In short, it is useless. It goes without saying any digital platform is designed and built with the intention that it will be used and that it will generate traffic.

But for many, be it in the eCommerce space, in marketing or publishing quite how to drive traffic to a website is a bit of a mystery. The truth is that there are multiple ways of doing and that none works by itself in isolation. They need to be harnessed together collectively to get the best results with traffic arriving from a range of origins. With that in mind, here are a few examples of how to get traffic to your site.

Optimise for search

Aside from making sure that your existing users are sufficiently satisfied with your offerings and that they keep on coming back, the next best avenue to derive traffic is usually as a result of organic search. In order to ensure that you receive your fair share of the very valuable search audience that is available you need to make sure that your site is optimised properly for search. This is quite a complicated process as there are many elements that go into making it happen and you are probably best off by searching for something like, local SEO agency Melbourne to find a partner who can do the job and who is located close to you. It is a very important aspect of your site and you should not leave it to chance in any way find the right partner and you should see your traffic grow.

Pay for the audience

There is absolutely nothing wrong with paying for an audience, especially if you are able to do this on a pay per click or cost per acquisition basis. Again, look to talk to your local SEO specialist to get some help. Paid search will be an area of speciality for them and they will be able to ensure that if you are not ranking top of the organic search list, that at least you are being returned through the purchase of the relevant keywords.

Convert from traditional media

If you have any sort of presence in a traditional media, then look to leverage that presence to drive digital returns. Even if it is just an advertisement in the Yellow Pages, you can list your website or drop in a small QR code. Put your digital details on things like business cards and at the end of radio or television advertisements. In short, the more exposure that your platform has, the more likely you are going to be to get traffic to your site.

Use the power of social media

Start by looking to develop a social media audience of your own. The more people you have following your brand the easier it is to communicate with them. You can encourage people to follow you by offering retails discounts or entries into competitions. But in short, the more people you have following you, the more chance you have of your content going viral and reach an exponentially larger audience.