England SEO Techniques to Get More Customers


Search traffic is a real goldmine when it comes to the success of any business. Finding new customers is craving for any business owners. And achieving these things starts with employing the right SEO techniques. The SEO techniques you employ have the potential of insanely converting traffic to active customers. Thus, it’s important to up your SEO game if you are after acquiring more customers. This article is going to give you the SEO techniques you need to attract more customers to your business.

Keyword Research

SEO success starts with the right keywords. Thus, finding new keywords that resonate well with your website is only going to make things even better. Use reputable keyword research tool to find new keywords for your website. Strategically use them in your content. This will get you more traffic and acquire more customers for your website.

Don’t only rely on your main keywords. Go for long tail keywords. They carry more weight. With this strategy, you are able to boost conversion by targeting popular search queries from customers.

The Power of Refurbishing and Repurposing Content

Content is still the digital marketing king. It’s a powerful marketing technique that lets you reach your potential customers in a cost-effective way. Thus, paying attention to your content—it can bear real fruits. Repurpose your content by reusing old content.

Customer Experience

According to a recent Oracle study, about 74 percent of executives believe that customer experience hugely influences customers’ decision when it comes to brand loyalty. The first touch is important. Your products and service offerings are inherently judged based on your website’s customer experience. So, the first impression plays a key role in nailing more customers. Think in terms of quick page loads, responsive web design, eliminating broken or dead links, including compelling Meta descriptions, using H1 to H4 tags, and leveraging on bold or italics to emphasize key points.

Rich Content

Make your content fresh and engaging. Create compelling and unique blog posts. Besides your products, customers are looking for information that can make their lives better. Plus, creating more content on your sphere lets your potential customers know that you are an expert in your area.

Pro Tips

  • Post regularly
  • Reuse old content
  • Promote your content on social media platforms
  • Go for v-logging( i.e. YouTube SEO)

AdWords Ads

Truth be told: Compelling title, as well as description tags, tend to attract more clicks when it comes to SERPS. Remember, the more clicks you have, the higher you rank on Google. So, here is the secret. Look at keywords in Google Ads. Conduct split tests—they maximize the clicks. Take copy pieces from these ads and walk them into your titles or Meta tags.

Stealing From Your Competitors

Stealing is not an offense—especially when done creatively. There are two ways to go about it. You can either decide to randomly enter keywords into a keyword tool or look for keywords that your competitors are using to rank high on google.

Optimizing Your Content for “Shareability”

Truth be told: Most content written online is vague and not worth sharing. Plus, content that doesn’t have shares (particularly backlinks) won’t rank high on google. Fortunately, you can still propel your content from “flat” to “peak”. Use link building techniques. Bank on backlinks.

The Bottom-Line

Retaining and getting new customers is not that easy. It takes dedication, effort, and huge investment. You have to employ concerted digital marketing efforts—including rolling out effective SEO strategies. The above SEO techniques are sure to help you nail more customers and even retain the existing ones. They are effective in customer acquisition.

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Image Credits: SEO from Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock