3 Powerful SEO Strategies to Double the Organic Traffic of a Law Firm Website

SEO Strategies

Understanding the world of search engine optimization can be challenging for law firms. The niche is entirely different from law, and maintaining the visibility of a site can be a mammoth task. Experts in search engine optimization say that the task of attaining organic inbound traffic to law firms does seem cumbersome; it is not difficult at all once you are aware of the right legitimate techniques to do so. Given below are some powerful SEO tips to help you get started to double the inbound traffic to your law firm-

3 powerful strategies to boost the organic traffic to your law firm

The following are some simple SEO tips for boosting the inbound traffic for your law firm-

  1. Get targeted keywords specific for your law firm– Google Analytics is an effective tool to help you review the organic inbound traffic sources for your law firm site. With the help of this tool, you will be able to identify the keywords that invoke the highest inbound traffic for your legal firm. You can cross-check the keywords that have the maximum search impressions. You can make a list of them and use them in the website content for your law firm.  You should make two lists for keywords- a primary keyword list and a secondary keyword list.

Primary keywords are used for the main service area that your webpage focuses on. For instance, if you offer DWI legal assistance and service in New York, you can create a phrase like “DWI attorney New York.” A good example of a secondary keyword can be DWI penalties in New York and note that the secondary keyword should always be related to the primary keyword. These keywords should always be specific to your niche. Experts in search engine optimization state that if you target primary keywords that have very high competition, they might help your site in the long run however they are not going to help you in the short term for page ranking.

Experts suggest you should create a plan that has both primary and secondary keywords. In case, you do not have the time, skills, or the confidence to create such a plan, hire an experienced expert in SEO to do it for you. Some effective ways via which you can include both primary and secondary keywords for your law firm site are-

  • Create content that incorporates both your primary and secondary keywords. The primary keyword should be used once on every page, and you should incorporate alternate versions of the keyword as well.
  • In the content for your law firm, use internal links with your keywords to target related web pages
  • Embrace social media and use your keywords in hashtags for posts related to your law firm.
  • Getting the perfect optimization for your law firms site- You should go through the present site content of your law firm and ensure everything is up-to-date and has the following-
  • A URL that is SEO-friendly. For instance, you can use phrases for short keywords on the URL of your law firm’s webpage like DUI lawyer or DUI.
  • Authoritative outbound links- Links to authoritative websites should be included in your content. Do not link your pages to competitor websites. For instance, as a law firm, you can link your content to websites of courts, cases, legal authorities, etc.
  • Keywords should be present in the webpage title besides taglines that you use for your law firm.
  • Use H1 and H2 tags for your law firm. You can effectively organize your content with headers. The H2 tags should have an H1 tag that should be supporting one another. A skilled expert from a credible SEO company can help you here.
  • Include all social media buttons so that online visitors can share your content quickly.
  • Include a call-to-action in the meta description of your content. The content should be action-oriented and compelling enough to make visitors click on your sites link.
  • Provide text for images. This will ensure that you are complying with guidelines and the American with Disabilities Act. The alt text you use for your images should be descriptive and thorough in nature.
  • Check the website page loading time for better search engine rankings. Make sure the web pages of the site of your law firm load fast. The website should have a speed score of above 90, and you can check the speed on Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Building the right SEO content strategy for your law firm- With the right SEO content strategy for your law firm, you are able to create content that is meaningful and engaging for your readers. One of the most effective ways to connect with your targeted audience is through blogs. Weekly blog posts help you to maintain fresh website content and appeal to Google. Newsletters are an effective way to ensure customers do not forget you. Being a law firm, you should generate content that is long and informative to your readers. Research has proved that long posts published by law firms of about 2000 to 2500 words have invoked positive results for page rankings on Google.

Therefore, when it comes to the SEO of your law firm, you should keep in mind the above 3 tips to boost inbound organic traffic. However, ensure you monitor the performance of your website regularly and update it on time. Websites need regular updates to ensure optimal functioning and peak performance.

The analytics of your website will offer you valuable insights on the bounce and the site conversion rates of visitors. In case you find that some webpages of your website have not been performing well and have low rates of engagement, you can improve the content with the incorporation of videos providing visitors with valuable information.

Look out for 404 pages and fix them immediately in case you find errors. Uploading a FAQ page with common questions and answers on legal matters will also boost the search engine ranks of your law firms site!

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