10 Do’s When Running a Modern SEO Business

SEO Business

Starting any business can be a daunting experience, but if you are confident in your skill and prepare yourself well then it is hard for you to fail. There are some key dos to consider when it comes to running a modern SEO business. As the market is quite saturated, you should be well aware of any way you can make your business stand out to your target audience. To help you evolve and differentiate from your competition you should follow the ten steps below.

  1. Develop a Niche

This may seem obvious, but it is really the most important aspect when creating any business, especially an SEO business. There are specific areas that you should focus on developing to make your SEO business really stand out and become known for those things. This could be based on certain campaigns or specialized tools, whatever it is that keeps your company niche.

2. Online Presence

A modern SEO business has to have a good online presence with a great website and visibility. This can take some time to grow and evolve, but once you have spent a little bit of time or money on growing your online presence it will serve you well for many years to come. If your website is professional, easy to use and visible more clients will see it and will choose you for your SEO services.

3. Perfecting your Offerings

Perfecting your offerings comes with time and testimonials; if you were to focus your business on one specific thing you would be the best at it. SEO businesses have many different things to focus on, but can still get positive feedback, accreditations and other reaffirming things to boost customer moral and confidence.

4. Build your Portfolio

You should be able to identify and showcase your works across all of your projects and build an impressive portfolio to showcase your offerings. This way when a new customer comes to ask for a specific thing, or wants to know or see some examples of previous works you have a repertoire to show them. Not only does this make it easier for you to secure new business, it give the customer piece of mind that the job will be completed well.

5. Learn the Art of Closing a Deal

There is a lot of backwards and forwards when it comes to SEO businesses and securing deals. As there are so many other businesses to choose from on the market. You must learn the best way to close deals and make them stick as best you can. There are various techniques you can do to help you learn this and make the customer feel good about their choice.

6. Retention is Key

Modern SEO companies must develop a way to retain their customers and get more and more work from them. This can be done through leaving a good impression that lasts, offering a discounted rate for customers to entice more works from them and keeping in contact via email, social media or over the phone, whichever way the customer prefers.

7. Develop a Growth Strategy

All businesses have some indication of where they would like to be in years to come, SEO businesses are no different either. Implementing a growth strategy means that your business will constantly evolve and grow in whichever focus you want it to. There are many ways that this can go or focuses that any business can choose to take, you must make sure that the focus is good for you and your team as a priority.

8. Website Investment

As everything is online, it is important to ensure that your website is up to par. Investing in your site is like investing in your marketing, most users will see a website and judge the business from this without looking at anything else. You can purchase backlinks as a sure-fire growth strategy for your website. Any modern business needs to spend some money on developing a good and useful site that will be beneficial to their clients.

9. Understand Digital Marketing

Like with website investment, digital marketing and creating an online presence is extremely important. The best thing a modern SEO business can do is to understand the digital marketing world and its remits. They must develop their own marketing goals and ensure that these are being adhered to.

10. Learn about Project Management

This may seem off topic, but in fact SEO businesses are just constant projects that need help to manage at every corner. The focus here is on planning and fulfilment mainly, but within your business it would be good to have some experience into the field of Project Management to help you better delegate and run these various SEO projects.


Whilst there are many other things to consider when running a modern SEO company, these ten are the top items we believe will increase your customer visibility, retention, and overall satisfaction.