Social Sensei Review

Digital Marketing

Growing your popularity on social media is one of the most talked-about things on the internet. Gaining attention, having a surplus number of followers, and spiking your sales is what every social influencer aims. While the creator should focus on their content, there has to be someone who can manage their social strength and broaden their market.

What is Social Sensei?

Social Sensei is an online digital marketing company that offers a variety of deals to new and established brands and businesses around the world. The company recently refurbished its services and added a ton of features in the influencer marketing services for Instagram.

Social Sensei, as the name suggests, is an online social strengthening company that delivers methods to online creators and builds a strong interest among their fans. The platform promises its customers an organic increase in the number of followers, likes, and engagements. And the best part: they do so, and they are very much legit, Social Sensei review claims.

Features of Social Sensei

The company ensures that each customer is a point of public viewership and is to be taken care of with great interest. That’s why there is a free consultation for anyone who would like to talk to some of the best social media experts in the company. They would ask you out on how and where you want to grow and what you and your audience needs are.

The following are some brief ways Social Sensei can help improve your brand:

? Save time.  Everyone knows time is money.  Social Sensei’s services allow your company to do what you do best, while they handle what they do best – all while tapping into the influencer industry.

? Security of your account.  Social Sensei’s services do not require a password login, they only need the username that is going to participate in the influencer marketing campaign.  That means it’s a seamless process when we operate.  You can be rest assured that there won’t be any messages from Instagram warning the user about a foreign logins or action blocks.  Social Sensei works in the background and deliver results.

? Social Sensei has a team of passionate and expert professional’s adept in organic growth solutions in multiple social platforms through influencer marketing, social media strategies, ad campaign management, SEO optimization and TikTok automation.

How do Social Sensei work?

Social Sensei is a master in the influencer marketing field and uses their patented methods to help increase the number of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms organically. Firstly, you can choose to have a free consultation to better understand your needs. If you wish to choose a partner, you just need to share your username that you’d like to be a part of the campaign and their team will contact you within 48 hours to share all the details of your promotional campaign.

After you receive that email with all the details of your campaign you’ll just need to wait until the campaign is set to run.  That’s it!  On the day of your campaign an influencer will be sharing a giveaway with a call to action to follow a select list of users.  If you’re a client, your username will be on that list and depending on which plan you chose there will be hundreds sometimes thousands of followers that flock to your account.  This occurs over a 3 to 7-day period.

Dedicated Account Manager and Viable Communication is the Top Priority

Social Sensei has built a credible reputation in digital advertising that guarantees high conversion and success rate from following, retention, engagement, and sales.  With this credible reputation they’ve built a full-service team, you’ll be able to work with a dedicated account manager to handle all of your clients.  Their expertise is available through email and phone support.  On average we saw they respond within 12-24 hours, and many times within an hour of our initial email.

Social Sensei Plans and Prices

Currently, the social media marketing company offers three major plans. With the Silver Global Plan starting at $299 per month, you can expect to receive 2,500 to 3,000 followers from a single campaign. For the price of $299 it’s a great place to start for you to take your brand to the next level.

If you plan to get a major decision on social marketing and have strong financial support, you can choose the $499 Gold Global Plan. Under this, you will get the utmost quality of power and speed for your brand publicity. And finally, there is a premium Platinum Plans which costs $999. This plan is the ‘King’ of influencer marketing on their platform.  You can expect the best results from these plans.

One important thing that every new customer should know is that all subscription plans are priced per month. There is no additional charge, no extra fees, and all costs remain the same if you continue with it next month. One good thing that Social Sensei is far better than any other platform is their account set up procedure: clean, rig free, and 100% legit.

Pros and Cons

While there are many benefits of having influencer marketing for your brand, Social Sensei has some points that make them a good investment. And whilst some pros, we will be discussing some cons too.

Pros –

100% Guarantee of followers

Transparency and legit solutions

Ability to choose from different regions of influencers

Users can use their Instagram or any social account and post regularly while working with Social Sensei.

Dedicated account manager

Cons –

Could be expensive for some businesses

No free trials


Final thoughts on Social Sensei demonstrate one major advantage: Good outreach in the social market and backed up by positive results. Though the prices may be hefty and out of your budget, users can use the $299 plan, which could act as a great start to your brand name.