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Being engaged in photography for quite a long period of time, I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable Photoshop service. The problem is that there are so many companies offering these services that you canít tell at once who really does the job at a professional level.

I donít even want to count how much money and nerves I lost cooperating with low-quality Photoshop editing services. You are lucky to find this article, as after reading it, you will never encounter similar challenges.

It was my pleasure to test and compile the list of Top 11 professional Photoshop services that definitely deserve your attention. So, check this unbiased review and choose the company that can relieve the burden of photo retouching work.

Good Photoshop Service Criteria

I evaluated all the services in this review according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of Final Photo

The first thing to pay attention to while selecting Photoshop retouching service, is the quality of the work done. You can check this by visiting the official website.

If there are many photo samples and their quality is impressive Ė you can feel safe about your own order. In case, there is no portfolio at all or you have some question regarding the way retouchers used Ps Ė youíd better look for another option.

  • Turnaround Time

A professional Photoshop service online can handle any task in a quick way, not compromising the quality. If you often work within strict terms and do your best not to lag behind the schedule Ė youíd better choose the service that can support you in this process.

Experts know that time is money, so they never make their clients stress out because of broken deadlines.

  • Cost

This is one of the first aspects people addressing online Photoshop services ask about. Of course, you canít expect first-class image retouching to cost several bucks, but good services always offer a nice quality-price ratio.

Too low market-price may indicate incompetence of retouchers.

  •  Customer support

Last but not the least is the way a company answers your questions and is willing to make your cooperation as smooth as possible.

If you notice that your requirements are neglected and you have to wait for quite a long time until you get a reply Ė cancel the order and look for a friendlier and qualified Photoshop service.

11 Photoshop Services Review with Photo Samples

Guided by these factors, I contacted 11 highly-rated Photoshop services online, compared the quality of changes made, cost, and other parameters, and wrote this comprehensive review to help you find a reliable platform.

1. FixThePhoto

Price: $2-$25

Frankly speaking, I have never heard about FixThePhoto though they have a really impressive experience doing this kind of work. I learned that they have edited 3000K+ images and I was so eager to test what they can offer.

The first thing I decided to check was their portfolio. Simply wow. There are so many cool images that you can see, opening the ďExamplesĒ tab. They are shown all in a big resolution and you can even zoom in to examine every tiny detail.

Another pleasant surprise was that they accept any order regardless of the photo genre you specialize in. Either you need wedding, portrait, food, product, fashion, glamour and nude retouching, or even photo restoration Ė feel free to address FixThePhoto Photoshop service.

What is important Ė they are ready to perform the order imitating your peculiar style!

I was somehow nervous about the prices, but once I learned how much they charge for 1 picture Ė I felt even more pleased. The cost varies from $2 to $25 per image depending on the task. That is really client-oriented pricing policy.

When I received the final result, it completely blew me away. I canít complain about anything! They are proficient in Photoshop!

The retouchers fixed flyaway hairs, fixed the redness of her cheeks, performed high end skin retouching and even fixed the crooked nose. I also loved how they even paid attention to the modelís clothes.

The fact that they cleaned up the hair on her neck is worth a special mention.

A friendly 24/7customer service was the last reason that convinced me to put this Photoshop service online deserves in the first place on my list.

Summing Up:

These guys really know what they are doing. They delivered me the picture that I was absolutely satisfied with. I admire their attention to detail. A reasonable price is a nice bonus.

2. WeEditPhotos

Price: $0.2-$10

WeEditPhotos united like-minded people interested in professional photo post-processing.

To see the results of their work, you can open the ďPortfolioĒ section, where all the retouched photos are logically subdivided into categories. 

I am so impressed with the way retouchers from this Photoshop service enhanced my photo, that I can confidently say that they are real experts. Now my image resembles the cover of a magazine and I canít wish for more.

The work with colors saturation was done to the necessary extent, which resulted in deep and volume image. Both color correction and retouching look really good.

Plastic-looking skin is a sign of a bad retoucher, who hasnít completely mastered the software. WeEditPhotos retouchers managed to preserve the skinís texture, without making it look fake.

I feel like hair could use a little bit of volume, but the picture still looks great. Their retouchers managed to enhance the photo, while still preserving a natural feel. Their team really works hard to give any picture a catchy, not overdone look.

As for pricing, itís a pretty cheap service. The pricing system is accurately explained on the site, so you can count how much youíll need to pay for your order.

The retouching of 1 picture can cost from $0.2 to $10 depending on the complexity of the task. The turnaround time is pretty fast.

Summing Up:

This Photoshop retouching service satisfied my demands. They can even compete with magazine retouchers. Highly recommend!

3. Wedding-Retouching 

Price: $0.2-$10

Wedding-Retouching is a popular service, that specializes in wedding images. Itís completely honest with clients, so all their previous works are grouped in one tab called ďGalleryĒ.

You can find it at the top of the homepage. The number of image samples is impressive, and after looking through them, you will feel more confident about ordering their professional Photoshop services.

Affordable prices are another argument in favor of this company.

You can definitely tell they are masters of Photoshop. The changes they make to your images are performed in accordance to their unique style. Skin retouching also pleased me a lot, as everything look natural and neat. 

I really admire their Dodge & Burn work with modelís face features being artistically accentuated. I highly appreciated how they fixed the flyaway hairs on the forehead and on the background.

Summing Up:

These retouchers can easily compete with other Photoshop services. They possess extensive knowledge of Photoshop.

4. HighEndBeautyRetouching

Price: $10-$150

This is one of the online Photoshop services specializing in magazine and high fashion photo processing. Their site has a pleasing to the eye design and a gallery, called ďPortfolio TabĒ full of wonderful photo samples. You can zoom in each picture and study it closely.

Prices are above average and on the website, you can find the formula of how the payment is calculated.

The result made me very happy. The color correction and skin retouching are performed well.† I can definitely say that they have a vast knowledge of Photoshop. They manage to fix a lot of imperfections, but still made it look natural and not overedited.

The work they did on the lips deserves special attention.

That being said, they forgot to fix the wrinkle on her sweater, and could have paid more attention to retouching the hair ends. Those are some minor flaws, but perfectionism is key to being a great Photoshop retoucher.

Summing Up:

Great retouchers to work with. They can become even more successful if they become more attentive to details.

5. NudeRetouching

Price: $5-$15

Once you see the name of this Photoshop service, you understand what they specialize in. So, if you are interested in boudoir and nude photo retouching, this is your go-to company.

What I really like about this service is their before/after photo samples, so you can see the level of their Photoshop skills before placing an order.
They answered all of my questions quickly and politely. 

The quality of the photo I got was quite nice, but not perfect. Their color correction is great. Personally, I would get rid of the vignette, I feel like this effect doesnít fit the image at all. I would also make the lips more luscious.

The retouch is not bad either. Her skin looks smooth and silky.

The fact that they removed clothing wrinkles deserves special attention.

In general, they are on par with other Photoshop services online from this list regarding skin retouching. This result can fully satisfy a newbie photographer, but an experienced one will immediately notice minor imperfections.

Summing Up:

All in all, I like the result, but wish they were more attentive. The middle position on this list perfectly reflects their professionalism. 

6. Tucia

Price: $8-$24

I was a bit confused at first when opened the tab with photo samples as you can examine them all (20 in total) in under a minute. Quite odd for a company positioning itself as a professional Photoshop service. Moreover, only 4 of 20 images are of good quality, with the rest being very tasteless.

I got even more discouraged to order from this Photoshop retouching service when saw their pricing system. The fee for an order is calculated in credits.

One credit is equal to $8 and the price is typically either 1 or 3 credits, which means you have to pay $8 or $24 respectively. This isnít affordable, especially for beginner shooters.

Letís talk about the positive things first. This online Photoshop service delivered everything on time.

They paid attention to all crucial parts of portrait photo editing: evened out her skin tone, retouched her neck, and removed the stray hairs.

As for the flaws, they are obvious. Just look at the blurry hair contour along with a weird shadow on her forehead.

What was the purpose of that? Do they not know how to fix baby hairs naturally, so they have to hide their bad Photoshop skills with blur?

Summing Up:

Of course, I appreciate when Photoshop services deliver orders in time, but this doesnít really cover all the negative moments I described above. Thatís why Tucia takes only the 6th place.

7. ClippingPathIndia

Price: $0.79-$3.99

When you first open their website, you canít but admire a nice design. But actually, thatís all that can please you.

When studying the company in more detail, I was shocked that it is often mentioned among professional Photoshop services. I donít really understand why!

They never contacted me to specify the details of the order, my requirements, etc. I waited for the ďretouchedĒ image twice longer than they promised and I couldnít learn the reason as they didnít answer my letters.

When I first looked at the image, I thought that the result was not bad. But then I started zooming in and quickly changed my mind.

Their color correction is average, but not bad. I like how they enhanced the skin and neck, fixed the redness, and worked on the lips.

What caught my attention, was the sloppy work with the Stamp Tool. They tried fixing stray hairs on her face but failed horribly. Even the untrained eye will notice those weird spots.

Summing Up:

This service is not bad, but the improper use of the Clone Stamp convinced me that they are amateurs in Photoshop.

8. ProPhotoshopExpert

Price: $0.25-$4.25

The level of Photoshop services this company provides doesnít correspond to its name. Starting from prices and ending with delivery time Ė everything is disappointing.

When they sent me the result, I spend 5 minutes looking at it, thinking that they accidentally sent me the ďBeforeĒ picture. Only after I opened the original image and compared them side by side I started noticing slight differences.

The retouched picture looks uninteresting. They should have enhanced the photoís depth. It seems that a person barely familiar with Ps performed the manipulations.

What infuriated me was the rough edges of her hair. Do their retouchers even know how to use the Healing Brush or Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop?

I like that they fixed the redness of her face, but they should definitely learn the Dodge and Burn technique. Her skin looks completely flat.

Another thing that is a plus, is that they fixed the contour of her hair. However, they forgot to remove stray hairs on her face.

I feel ashamed just looking at the final result, though it isnít my work. I would never show this photo to my clients, otherwise, I will have none left. I am not impressed with this editing at all.

Summing Up:

Considering that this Photoshop service online specializes in this type of retouching, such a result is unacceptable.

9. FlatworldSolutions

Price: $0.35-$1.

FlatworldSolutions is an Indian service that promises the best quality. Iím bummed to say, that the editing I received was the opposite of that.

They didnít provide the retouched photo on time and the final photo I received isnít attractive, to say the least.

When this Photoshop service sent me my order back, the thing that caught my attention first was that stray hair on her forehead. Why didnít they retouch it away? Itís very distracting. The focus in a portrait should be on the eyes, not on the stray hair on a forehead.

I think their retouchers simply donít know how to do it neatly. Itís a common thing for inexperienced Photoshop users – if you donít know how to fix it – leave it as it is.

I donít understand why they darkened the photo in some parts, by creating unnecessary shadows.

The work itself isnít that bad, but the unnatural color correction spoils everything. It is unnatural, and they shouldnít have applied the green tint.

Summing Up:

It seems that retouchers from this online Photoshop services have no idea how to improve images. They also tend to avoid retouching things they donít know how to fix in Photoshop.

10. ClippingUSA

Price: $0.25-$12

If you have ever heard about ClippingUSA Photoshop service, you know that they claim to be a reasonably-priced company offering top-quality image processing services.

But I saw only low prices. The quality of Photoshop retouching is far from what they promise.

Studying their website, I found very few image samples the quality of which is very doubtful. When I tried to zoom them in, I understood that it was impossible. This is a sign that their retouchers have something to hide.

Many Photoshop editing services go overboard with changes made and this one wasnít an exception. It seems they used all available tools and features, which resulted in the strange and tasteless look of the photo.

What was the point of the vignette? I donít recall asking them to do this. The picture I received looks artificial. Maybe, such a chaotic approach is the main reason of why they broke the deadline.

The skin is blurry with weird spots all over the face. Clearly, the retouchers donít know how to even out the skin tone and retouch naturally. They have definitely never heard of frequency separation or dodge and burn techniques.

Donít even get me started on color correction! Instead of attracting the viewer, the colors in the final photo make me want to look away and never see this picture again.

Besides, what they did to her jaw, makes her look like an alien.

Personally, I find the ďBeforeĒ picture much more pleasing to look at. I canít decide what the worst part of this Photoshop editing is: their retouching or color correction.

Summing Up:

The low cost of their services canít excuse complete incompetence in Photoshop.

11. Picsera

Price: $2.50-$12.95

A very strange Photoshop service.  The first suspicious thing is the size of their portfolio, which contains only image samples of questionable quality. Typically, after seeing such works, I donít contact retouchers, but I decided to give Picsera a try.

Now I understand that it was my mistake.

They donít have a clear price list. Besides, I had to spend quite a lot of time to understand how to place an order. Once I did it, I faced the incompetent work of customer support. When my order was delivered, I was shocked by what I saw Ė amateurish, low-quality photo processing.

I am not even sure that they know how all PS tools work and in what sequence to enhance images. Their retouchers clearly have no idea about how to perform picture retouching.

It feels like they only used Gaussian Blur and left it at that.
As a result, the girls skin is very blurry and you canít even see the texture.

They tried fixing her stray hairs, but did it in a very sloppy way. They shouldnít have touched them at all!

They also overdid it with clarity, the details are way sharper than they should be.

The faded colors and greenish tint in a final picture are the cherry on top.

This service is a total disappointment! Thatís how the result usually looks like when you are just starting out using the software. A great example to show, that you can make an image look worse in Photoshop, if you donít know how to use it properly.

Summing Up:

Have nothing positive to say about this Photoshop service online. I think that a newbie retoucher can improve pictures better than these guys do.

If you still havenít find an appropriate Photoshop service, read this Image Editing Service Review with more services tested.

Image credit: Photoshop Services via Sharaf Maksumov/Shutterstock