MobileTrans Review: Data Transfer Tool for iPhone & Android

In a digital environment where people save more sensitive data on phones than on houses, the requirement to have a handy mobile device manager and a seamless transferal tool is supreme. While there is no lack of such means in the business, few are reliable and safe and can shift WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone or vice-versa with protection. And that furthermore, without any trade-off.

MobileTrans enables you to transfer content among Android, iOS and Symbian smartphones, no matter which network they operate on, as long as you utilize a PC as a go-between. Syncing the contacts to a new phone can be straightforward and comfortable, especially if you’re employing a service like Google to accomplish them. And iTunes can take some of your old data to the new iPhone. But carrying over all of your additional data, like images, call logs, and text communications, is a hurdle, significantly if you’re exchanging phone platforms.

With MobileTrans, you establish efficiency, connect both your root phone and target phone, and you’re in business. Both phones must be united at the same time, which implies you can’t handle MobileTrans to strengthen up the contents of the phone and transfer them at a later time—so if you intend to exchange an old phone for a discount on a newer one, you’re out of luck.

“MobileTrans” – the phone to phone transference software for Mac and Windows – strives to link the gap by offering data transfer a painless activity. Not merely that, the tool also serves as an ultra-handy mobile device administrator for both iPhone and Android, extending a straightforward way to strengthen, back up and recover data.
In this comprehensive review, we have received a close examination at Wondershare MobileTrans to comprehend how well it can carry data between iOS, Android, and Windows phone. So, let the analysis start!

Seamlessly Transfer Data Between Phones Going Across Various Brands

A notable feature of MobileTrans is transferring data from one phone to the other with consummate ease. The software operates with iOS, iPad OS, and Android devices, including Windows phones. Thus, it gets incompatibility out of the plot, guaranteeing you can command data without an unspecified roadblock.
Depending on your requirements, you can carry particular data like contacts, messages, and more between iPhone, iPad, Android devices, photos, apps, videos. As for the method, it barely takes a couple of snaps. Furthermore, all the transferred data continue secure and in its original form.

Transfer Data Between iPhone and Android Device with MobileTrans

The phone-to-phone transference software is moderately lightweight and has a streamlined interface. Therefore, it operates without delay and is also comparatively easy to handle. As someone who favours going over a minimal learning curve, we have observed MobileTrans in line with my taste as far as integrity and uprightness is involved.

Transfer WhatsApp Data With Chat History Intact

While WhatsApp continues the common, attractive and feature-rich messaging app over various platforms, it needs a quintessential characteristic – data transfer beyond media. And this is whither software like Wondershare MobileTrans has a part in performing.

The phone-to-phone transfer software surpasses in transferring WhatsApp among tools. Better, however, it holds the entire WhatsApp chat history unimpaired. To offer the added safeguard to every one of your memories, including photos, videos, messages, and appendages, you can back up the complete WhatsApp data to the computer and restore it as and when you need.

Not just WhatsApp, the tool additionally works with a manager of messaging apps like WeChat, Viber, Line, Kik, and more. So, please don’t worry about losing your significant chats and migrating from one iPhone to the other or shifting from one platform to another. It helps to transfer whatsapp from iphone to android.

Circumstances when you are shifting from Android to iPhone or vice-versa, MobileTrans can set out to be the guardian, guaranteeing your information not only endures safeguarded but also comprehend advanced without any loss. During the testing, the software lived up to my expectations, both in correctness and performance.

Whether it’s transporting WhatsApp from iOS to Android or supporting up the chat history to PC, or reinstating the app from backup, it completes the assigned tasks dependably.

Back-Up Your iPhone, iPad, and Android Device to Computer Without Any Hassle

Even though I have forever cherished iTunes as a comprehensive media library, it has nevermore hooked up with my taste as a portable device manager. As for Finder, the app resembles the mark but restricts it from realizing the unlimited potential is the antique condition.

However, that is not the situation with MobileTrans, as it’s not attached to a single platform. So, it doesn’t imply which means you are using, and you can safely support up your iPhone and Android device to your computer.

Backup Your Android Device Data to Mac Using MobileTrans
The software backs up the iPhone to the computer a lot faster without overwriting the previous backup. Furthermore, it supports the extensive data type, including contacts, call logs, music, videos, photos, Safari history, bookmarks, reminders, calendars, and more.

Backup Your iPhone Data to Mac Using MobileTrans
The tool is reasonably expert for Android, acknowledgements to the provider of eight distinct sets of data, including photos, music, call logs, apps, contacts, messages, videos.

Restore the Backup to Your Mobile Devices
Another area where MobileTrans has the edge over rivals is the capability to revive a backup file selectively. You can preview the data and decide to restore the device – without begetting to reset it. Moments, when the data is lost or accidentally deleted, can protect you.

When using iTunes backup, you can recover call history, photos, voice memos, contacts, messages, calendar, notes, and bookmarks. When the user has backed up the device with MobileTrans, he will be capable of restoring even more numerous data varieties – which is yet added.

The Conclusion…
MobileTrans is a multifaceted software that outshines transferring data from one medium to the other. Despite being so valuable, it’s moderately lightweight and performs the process of moving data, supporting up the device or re-establishing backup dead simple. And that’s precisely what authenticates it progressive of the curve in the cut-throat competition.