KENT CamEye Review – An Advance Dash Cam with GPS Tracker

Travelling can never be made safer than this. We have seen an explosion in technology in all aspects of life and how. Today, most of the inventions are focused on offering faster ways of keeping connected. 

KENT CamEye is a new-age and technologically advanced dashcam cum GPS tracker from the house of KENT. This is an automotive security device with some cutting-edge features that ensure 100% safety of your loved ones and the car.

From checking the real-time location of the car to watching live video of inside /outside of the vehicle and identifying the occupants, you can quickly identify and act against any instances of misbehaviour. Doing this, you can ensure the safety of your family members.

The device’s comes with user-friendly app, available on Google Playstore & Appstore, that allows you to stay connected with your car, irrespective of your location. It aspires to be a one-stop solution for all vehicle owners and has a variety of built-in features which can be of great use. 

A normal Dash cam would involve a front-facing camera, but the CamEye gives you both a front-facing and rear-facing camera view.

The primary device is equipped with two 720p integrated cameras with an infra-red vision that gives incredible visibility at night. It gets a 3000mAh battery and an in-built speaker and microphone. Additionally, there’s an accelerometer sensor, temperature sensor along with a light sensor.



The device powers itself through the 12 V power sockets which is non-OBD. The device is totally designed and engineered in India and can be easily installed without the need for a professional

Basically, it is an easy DIY (do-it-yourself) installation. Simply download and install KENT CamEye app and scan the QR code through the app. Now you will need to physically connect the device which will involve mounting the cam on the back of your rear-view mirror.

This can be quickly done as KENT provides you with a suction mount that can easily stick to the back of the mirror. The next step would be to power the device with a Micro-USB cable which will plug the device into the 12V power socket of your car, and you are ready with this high-tech, yet easy-to-use device.

Let’s run you through the fantastic features of KENT CamEye and see what makes it different from others: 

Live-video streaming: 

The device allows you to watch the real-time videos of inside or outside view of the vehicle. CamEye is built with a dual dash camera that is programmed to stream videos whenever the car is moving or when it is parked. KENT CamEye is a unique plug-and-play device that uses dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the vehicle. It has a night-vision enabled dual camera that allows automatic recording of both inside and outside views, along with audio recording. Both views can easily be accessed through the app.

  • 2-way calling:

With live video streaming, KENT CamEye offers a voice calling feature using which you can communicate with the driver or other car occupants using a built-in microphone and speaker. This is useful even when there is a dip in the mobile network, and the driver’s phone isn’t reachable.

You can easily communicate with the driver through the device using the native app on your phone. Only those with access to the app can make calls, not the driver. You as an admin of the device can place a call from the app, meanwhile, in the vehicle, the call get auto-received, establishing the connection

    Secured Cloud storage:

The device saves all trip audio and time-lapse videos on the cloud that can be downloaded and viewed at any given point from anywhere in the world. The problem with ordinary dash cams is that they offer limited internal storage that gets exhausted after a certain period. It then auto-deletes the previous recordings or asks you every time to free up the storage space. KENT CamEye has solved this issue by offering unlimited secure cloud storage space where the entire trip data remains backed up for 90 days. You can record from both views of the Dash Cam when the car is in motion. A complex encryption system ensures that besides the owners, nobody can access and view these videos.

  • GPS and Route Playback:  

With KENT CamEye, you can track the real-time location of the car using the built-in GPS, making it traceable during exigencies. If you have a hard time remembering routes, then you can also easily keep track of past routes along with useful driving statistics and Check the details through playback of the route travelled by car. The only issue observed is that the device’s GPS system takes about two-three minutes to hook up to the satellite and register that the vehicle is moving, followed by a notification by the app that the car is indeed in motion.

  • Real-Time AI-based Alerts on Mobile: 

With the CamEye smart AI based alert system, you will be notified immediately any set parameter is breached. Example is whenever your driver is over-speeding or even when an unknown driver has taken the wheel. A pre-set speed limit will also cause a buzzer or audio alarms inside the car to warn the driver if he is speeding.

The KENT CamEye sends out an alert on Mobile phone if the driver has kept the car idle for too long or the AC is running while the vehicle is parked. The advanced face recognition technology identifies the person sitting on the driver’s seat, from the list of familiar drivers. Likewise there are other AI Alerts which keep you engaged with any breach.

  • Built-in memory and long-running battery:

CamEye has built-in 8GB memory back up and is powered with 3000 mAh battery that lasts up to 24 hours. The device’s robust battery backup allows 24 hours of operation even when the vehicle is parked. The significant internal memory allows capture and storage of data even when the car is travelling in an area with weak network connectivity. When connectivity restores, it syncs the data automatically on the cloud. 

The device costs Rs 17,999, which includes a three-month free subscription. After the introductory period, you can opt for either Rs 600 per month or Rs 6,000 per year package that also consists of the SIM card.

So, with so much to get benefitted with, investing in KENT CamEye dash cam would be worth the price.