Helix Mattresses Review: Comfortable Hybrid Firmness

The Helix mattress review will overview the diverse Helix mattresses offered and who each model is most accommodating for, including its core models, Luxe mattress models, and Helix Plus.

There’s a severe chance you’ll gain something to fit your body and sleeping choices. Helix mattresses hold out from the rest of the bed in a box mattress package because it has a comprehensive product catalog and allows a personalized sleep quiz that matches you with the complete Helix mattress. It has a bed for every sleeping position and every variety. The brand is versatile and included in that spirit.

Prime Impressions: Helix Mattresses

Base Models: The six core Helix mattress models are moderately similar and yield identical components. Their frames are 12 inches thick and have minor to no differences; they all have the exact mattress feel, but their firmness and comfort levels are slightly different. Some are higher pressure-relieving, some are more substantial firm mattresses. As a result, you can gain an ultra-plush Helix bed or the strongest of the firm. Hence the understanding they’re so versatile. As far as value runs, these are presumably the best for your business.

Luxe Models: The Luxe models take another groove with an even deeper, more premium design. Suppose you connect the Helix Midnight model with its Luxe mattress counterpart side by side. Not only do they look engaging, but they also have a distinct feel from the base Helix models, thanks to their fluffy, airy toppers. You will have to spend a “luxe” price tag, though.

Helix Plus: One of the several mattresses for plus-size sleepers, the Helix Plus is one muscular fellow. It’s insignificantly thinner than the Luxe designs, but don’t bother. It earns up for it with its extra-large pocketed coils and premium, impenetrable foams. It’s an average firmness mattress for those it’s marketed for, but you might be overwhelmed by the durability and support if you weigh lighter than 150 pounds.


The Helix mattresses use many of the same foams, give or take one or two particular to the Helix Luxe and Helix Plus, so they have a neutral-foam feel that’s more responsive than your typical memory foam mattress. As a result, beds like the Helix Moonlight will feel more flexible, and you won’t immerse in as much while you relax more on top of the Helix Dawn, which will suggest more support. Also, the Helix Luxe models offer a little extra plush and airy because of the thick pillow covers they’re all created with.


All of the Helix mattresses regularly sleep temperature neutral, suggesting they aren’t hot or cold. The factors will largely depend on how hot you keep your bedroom and the kind of clothing (or lack thereof) that you wear as pajamas. Other mattresses have different cooling technology in the cover or within the layers that deliver them particularly cold-sleeping.

Motion Isolation

Helix Luxe mattresses isolate movement the best out of all the Helix mattresses. Although the Helix Base mattresses and Helix Plus confine movement pretty well for hybrid mattresses, all of those soft layers on top of the Luxe’s coils deliver it the slight upper hand.


Since Helix’s six core mattress designs have similar 12-inch frames, the only differences are the arrangement of the top layers. They all contain some combo using two of these three foams: Memory Foam Plus, Helix Dynamic Foam, and High-Grade Polyfoam.

Edge Support

Thanks to its XL pocketed coil construction; we must provide the Helix Plus with the edge support props. It makes an outstanding bed for couples who share a mattress (particularly a small one) with a meaningful other or fuzzy family member who beats you to the edge.


Side Sleepers: The Helix Moonlight, Helix Sunset, and Luxe counterparts were made for side sleepers and maximum pressure relief, but the Dusk and Midnight work if you require a little added support. The Helix Plus is also an alternative for plus-size sleepers.

Back/Stomach Sleepers: The most helpful Helix mattresses for back and abdomen sleepers would be the Dusk, Dawn, Midnight, or Twilight. You can also go for the Helix Plus if you consider above 230 pounds.

Combo Sleepers: The Helix Dusk Luxe and Dusk, Midnight and Midnight Luxe are the best for incorporation sleepers because they’re pressure-relieving while you’re on your front, yet supportive when you’re on your back or belly.

Test-trial, Shipping & Warranty  

It’ll be pretty comparable across the board for every mattress for shipping and trial sessions; the only exception will be warrantied. You’ll receive free shipping, a 100-night sleep analysis trial, with a 10- to 15-year mattress warranty. Your Helix mattress is shipped to you. It will be put inside of a box about the size of a professional golf bag. You’ll have to unbox it, take it out of its plastic wrapping, and unroll it on top of your bed frame.  


Helix mattresses are usually affordable for what they offer and implement a decent value, especially when you notice a Helix discount is running.

Body Class

Every Helix mattress holds a pocketed coil base coat, and for that purpose, these mattresses will accommodate any body type, from lean to heavy. The Helix Plus is going to be an excellent bed for those over 230 pounds if you’re ready to spend the extra cash on it. On the other hand, people under 150 pounds should steer continuously from the Helix Plus mattress because they don’t require it.


Helix can impress everybody with its many options; not many boast over 12 different beds in their catalog. Its sleep quiz is also relatively uncommon and makes it easy for people overwhelmed by all their opportunities to obtain the appropriate one. Unless you’re in the store for a foam mattress, it’s challenging to discover a problem with the Helix mattress.