Hankotrade Broker Review: Pricing, Key Features, and Safety

Hankotrade Broker Review

One of the best ways to learn about the broker is to read plenty of reviews about it. Hence, to make your job easier today, we present you a detailed review of Hankotrade broker. We will talk about this brokerís features, offered account types, tools, and reliability. 

So, letís beginÖ

Hankotrade Review: Overview

Hankotrade is a Forex, CFD, and Cryptocurrency broker registered in Seychelles. The broker has been delivering stellar services to its clientele from all over the world since 2018. Hankotrade offers multiple trading instruments ranging from major Forex currency pairs, CFD indices, and energy resources to cryptocurrencies.

Top Hankotrade Broker Features 

  1. Competitive Spreads 

One major advantage of signing up with Hankotrade is its highly competitive spreads. It provides 0.7 pips on its STP account. The spreads are 0 on its ECN and ECN Plus accounts. 

The zero-spreads on trading accounts make it easier for traders to enter or exit the position without stressing over enduring extra costs. If you are searching for a zero-spread Forex broker, look no further than Hankotrade. 

  1. Max Leverage 

Seasoned Forex traders are well aware of the wonders of good leverage provided by brokers. Traders can open big positions and enjoy a huge profit. Hankotrade understands how competitive leverage can benefit traders. Thus, they provide a leverage of 1:500 on their trading accounts. 

  1. Low Commission 

It is an open secret that brokers earn by deducting a chunk from tradersí earnings. Many traders wish to sign up with a broker that doesnít charge them a dime. As wonderful as this thought is, it is impossible in the real world. 

The closest you can get to your wish is to find a broker that doesnít take away a significant portion of your earnings in the name of the commission. Hankotrade is undoubtedly one of the lowest commission Forex brokers for traders. Its commission is as low as $2 per side per $100K traded. It also provides a commission-free account to its traders. 

  1. Range of Account Types 

Hankotrade is not only for advanced traders; the broker is highly accommodating to all kinds of traders. For this purpose, Hankotrade has designed 5 types of accounts to suit the needs of its clients:

  • STP Account 
  • ECN 
  • ECN Plus 
  • Islamic Swap-Free Account
  • Demo Trading Account 

You can visit the brokerís website for more details about each account. 

  1. Cryptocurrency-Friendly Platform 

Cryptocurrency is gradually dominating and becoming the primary source of exchange on many platforms. With its growing popularity, many brokers offer their traders to trade in popular cryptocurrency pairs. 

Hankotrade is a cryptocurrency-friendly platform. It enables its traders to trade in major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Furthermore, Hankotrade accepts deposits of cryptocurrencies. Similarly, it transfers the traderís earnings in the same way.

  1. 100% Sign Up Bonus

Hankotrade has introduced a Ď100% deposit bonusí promotional program that rewards its traders with a bonus equal to their deposit. The minimum deposit required to enjoy the bonus is $100. 

Once the trader has signed up and deposited the amount, the broker will credit the same amount in his trading account as an additional margin. 

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Hankotrade Pricing and Fees 

Hankotrade charges $0 commission on the STP account, $2 commission per side per $100K traded on its ECN account, and $1 on its ECN Plus account. 

Besides commission, Hankotradeís spread is low compared to many other brokers of its ranking. 

Hankotrade strictly adheres to a zero fees policy for processing deposits or withdrawals of its clients. Moreover, the broker doesnít charge any other fees or service charges from traders. The broker maintains honesty and transparency about its charges to avoid creating problems for its customers. 

Hankotrade User Experience 

To enjoy the lucrative features of Hankotrade, traders must sign up for an account by heading to the brokerís website. The registration requires personal details and a valid email address to receive an OTP number for account activation. 

Once the account is up and running, traders can select their account type and trading instrument. Afterward, traders need to deposit funds into their accounts using cryptocurrencies. 

Besides the easy account opening procedure, the broker also equips traders with smart trading tools to save time and produce effective results. The trading tools include the FX calculator, Economic Calendar, and VPS, enabling traders to stay on top of their trading game. 

Hankotrade also facilitates its customers via numerous accessible modes. Its customer support agents are present from Monday to Friday around the clock to address the customersí issues. Traders can contact them via an online form, live chat feature, phone call, and Skype. Clients can also find quick solutions to queries on the exclusive FAQ section of the website. 

You can find more information about customer support on Hankotrade broker reviews published on prestigious platforms such as Trustpilot.com, theforexgeek.com, fx-list.com, etc.

Hankotrade is a fantastic option for traders who want to enter the market with an affordable budget and access to various trading instruments. Hankotrade is largely geared towards Forex; however, traders can always diversify their investment portfolio by selecting the additional instruments and assets the broker offers. 

Moreover, different account types make it feasible for traders to open an account well-suited to their budget and trading style. The competitive spreads, low commission, and remarkable customer service make the trading experience enjoyable. 

Final Thoughts on Hankotrade 

Selecting a reliable broker among a crowd of brokers can be challenging for traders, especially new ones. Therefore, experts recommend selecting a broker that is reputable in the market and is transparent about its policies. Never sign up for the broker because of the advertisement or promotion by an affiliate marketer.

Always do your investigation, compare the brokers, and open a demo account to check the performance and services of the broker before finalizing them. 

We have tried to cover the important features of the Hankotrade broker to introduce you to one of the credible brokers with the lowest spread and commission on the market. If you decide to go ahead with Hankotrade as your trading broker, donít forget to visit its website to educate yourself about its terms and conditions.