Top 5 Unique and Useful Tech Gadgets You Can Buy Right Now.

tech gadgets

Gadgets (no matter what kind) are one of the little things that keep us excited and guessing what’s next? The concept of creating/ inventing subsidiary accessories to go along with the latest tech trends is simple, yet diverse. As long as the mainstream manufacturing market keeps stirring up new and innovative product concepts, their compatible tech gadget counterparts will continue to take a step further.

Over the years, there have been some crazy tech gadget ideas, most of which have ultimately gone beyond the concept project to see the actual production. However, fancy tech gadgets more than often do not turn out to be more than just some sugar-coated gimmicks. That is, however, not the case for these tech gadgets. In addition to being fancy and unique, these gadgets are also useful and come in handy for some of your simple day-to-day activities. There are also some specific shopping sites such as https://www.dfydaily.com/ provides excellent deals on such unique and practical tech gadgets as well.

Here are some of the idiosyncratic tech gadgets you can buy now.

  • Emergbreak Car Exit Tool

Hmm! Sounds different, doesnt it? Well, it should be, primarily because it is not something you get readily on the mainstream shopping websites or your usual supermarket as well. This simple gadget may look deceivingly impractical but comes in extremely handy in case of any unprecedented car accidents.

The emergbreak car exit tool, as the name suggests, is a handy gadget that helps you to break your way out of the car. It acts as a 3-in-1 gadget to help you escape out of the car safely. The spring-loaded hammer produces enough force to break your car’s front or side glass windows. It can also dispense a sharp safety knife to help you cut the seatbelts in case the belts fail to unlatch. Lastly, the tool also acts as an LED flashlight to find your way around the car, as well. 

  • Flashlight Gloves

No, not the hippie version of the conventional hand gloves! These gloves are a must-have for everyone who enjoys taking long road trips. However, random engine breakdowns are a huge deal breaker. What even worse is the part where you have to open the hood and search for the origin of the problem with limited visibility. The entangled and compact engine set up under the hood makes it difficult for anyone to examine the proper engine parts.

Luckily with these flashlight gloves, you can reach out your hand to any jam-packed area of the engine and examine the specific area with optimum visibility. Other than that, the glove also protects your hands from any accidental scratches, as well.

  • Wireless charging adapter

So, we have all heard about the wireless charging pads, and the hype built around it is massive, and (of course) exciting as well. However, there is only a handful of premium flagship smartphone that actually supports this technology. So, what does that mean for the majority of consumers who use mid-range smartphones? Well, obviously, no fancy wireless charging for them, and this where the wireless charging adapters come to your rescue.    

These adapters can be installed at the back of your smartphone that acts as a receiver to enable wireless charging when you place your device on the charging pad. 

  • AquaPure Drinking Straw

This may be one of the most quirky yet extremely useful and handy gadgets, especially if you like to go camping or hiking on weekdays. So, what makes this straw so special? The distinct characteristic of this simple straw is that it comes with a pre-installed filter inside the straw that can effectively eliminate up to 99.99% of the germ and bacteria present in raw water. This makes it a perfect hiking tool to slide into your backpack if you plan to head out for a solitary camping adventure.

  • Media Screen Mirroring gadget

With the emergence of smart TV, the procedure of sharing your phone data (pictures, videos) with your entertainment unit has become a simple and effortless process. However, not everyone has the luxury to afford a smart entertainment unit that enables them to view their device contents on the large screen. You simply need to plug in the Media screen mirroring gadget to your TV and instantly start sharing videos and images from your smartphone.