Spectrum ST4 Review

Movie making is an art, and as we all know behind every masterpiece there are great minds and tools that helped bring it to life. In the past few years there has been a surge of filming equipment, to help capture great movie moments including the Spectrum ST4. So what makes the Spectrum ST4 created by eMotimo so special?

The Spectrum ST4 is a 4-axis robotic mound that is ideal for VFX and time lapse shots, due to its frame for frame repeatable technology.

Unique Features:

  • Presets for live motion tracking
  • Ability to set up to four return points Ė allowing for pre-defined alignment
  • Precise motion programming for focus, zoom or aperture control.
  • Can be set up to five keyframe time lapse sequences
  • Has a gigapan mode to capture multi-image panoramas
  • Ping pong mode-continuous loop
  • Ability to program upto 9 individual keyframes for your shot moves

Due to its various features, filmmakers praise this gear and have used it to film segments on networks such as National Geographic, BBC, ESPN, HBO and Discovery Channel amongst others.

This camera gear supports upto 15 pounds and delivers great image capturing through its 4-axis shot that includes focus change. Not to mention that it has a built-in intervalometer to trigger your DSLR. Additionally, all known bulb ramping solutions are supported.

For the pros who want to go bigger, the spectrum ST4 supports larger video cameras like REDís and Alexa Miniís. The spectrum ST4 is exceptionally power efficient and can handle long duration shoots with any 12-24 VDC source.

To learn more about the Spectrum ST4 visit emotimo.com or click here.