Review of EvoFox Typhoon Laptop Cooling Pad by Amkette

Review of EvoFox Typhoon Laptop Cooling Pad by Amkette

Laptop cooling pads are gizmos with built-in fans that help maintain an excellent airflow to keep your laptop cool and save it from damage caused by overheating. It is expected for your laptop to become overheated after extended periods of use, which can harm your laptop’s health and shorten its working life.

A laptop cooling pad is needed to dissipate excess heat and maintain a cooler temperature for proper operation. In addition, cooling pads frequently include appealing features such as height adjustment, allowing them to be used as ergonomic laptop stands to reduce stress and fatigue while operating.

Some of these devices enclose attractive LED lights that improve your gaming experience and serve as an ideal cooling pad for gaming laptops. So, whether you desire to use your laptop for gaming or office work, using a cooling pad is highly advantageous to your laptop’s health and convenience. Various brands deliver effective and user-friendly cooling pads in India, varying cooling pad prices depending on the brand.

It has 5 cooling fans (4 medium and 1 large) that furnish a consistent 68 CFM airflow, devised to keep your laptops cool and serve at their best. Furthermore, this cooling fan is an instrumental Laptop Riser with four adjustable heights and an Ace Cooling pad. Finally, a solid braided cable is included to power the funky LEDs and Super Silent Fans.

The Typhoon Cooling Pad arrives with a Large, Sturdy, and Robust design that is suitable for Laptops of ALL sizes. In addition, the Hexa Mesh Design equips added Strength and cooling ability, and silicon pads provide a sturdy grip on the surface.

5 cooling fans with 4 Medium and 1 Large size deliver a steady 68 CFM airflow – conceived to keep your laptops cool and to work at peak ability. The EvoFox Typhoon is an Ace Cooling pad with a convenient Laptop Riser having 4 adjustable Heights. Raising your laptop to eye level keeps your back straight and free from aches and pains. Use it with an External Keyboard / Mouse for the best effect.

The Evo Fox Typhoon has a robust braided cable to power the funky LEDs and Super Silent Fans. An additional USB port is provided, so you don’t “lose” a precious USB port on your laptop. It also comes with a handy fan speed control to turn off the LEDs and Fans.

EvoFox Typhoon Laptop Cooling Pad to Boost Your Gaming Performance

  • Solid ABS Frame
  • Non-Slip Silicone Pads
  • Hexa Mesh Metal Surface top holds your laptop firmly and lets better heat dissipation.
  • Steady Air Flow with 4 Medium and 1 Large Sized fan provide a constant 68 CFM air flow to keep your laptops cool and perform at peak ability.
  • Safety Baffle on the pad prevents your laptop from sliding down or falling off.
  • Silent Yet Effective Cooling
  • USB Extender Port
  • Durable, Widely Compatible
  • Comfortably Supports all Laptops with Screen sizes of up to 17.3 Inches.
  • Keep your back straight.

EvoFox Typhoon Laptop Cooling Pad Technical Specifications

  • Type : LED Laptop Cooling Pad
  • Fan size : 70 x 70 x 15mm, 120 x 120 x 15mm
  • Fan speed : 1000RPM (120mm), 1500RPM (70mm)
  • Voltage : 5V DC
  • Noise level : < 21DB
  • Power consumption : 1.75W
  • LED Light Color : Blue
  • USB Port : 2.0 x 2
  • Power Source : USB Powered
  • Compatibility : Laptops upto 17.3 inch

The fans are good silent laptop fans. The purpose of the cooling pad/stand is to let more air pass through from under the laptop, which Evo is good at. The design is minimalist.

Great product by Amkette with the decent build quality, separate power cable, large size, and adjustable height. It manages to properly vent a beefy laptop which throttles due to the high ambient temperature and lack of exhaust space.

Airflow is too excellent and very slightly noisy, but that won’t let you know. Two fans are must need, and this one suffices the requirement. Evo fox gives excellent cooling to the device with trendy looks having blue light in it with super silent 5 fans worth buying…


  • Sturdy; Robust design
  • It comes with a solid braided cable to power
  • It has 5 cooling fans
  • Easy-to-access


  • Height can be improved.
  • Plastic can be better.

Before shortlisting cooling pads for laptops, try to consider the following aspects:

1. Flexible Heights: Because you’re unlikely to employ your laptop solely on your lap, scrutinize for a laptop cooling pad that can model on your desk and adjust to different angles. It makes your workspace more ergonomic and entitles easy viewing on different screens.

2. Switches with LEDs: The more stylish cooling pads have LEDs. Try to get a pad that permits you to turn off this non-essential feature if you intend to use your laptop in a professional setting or feel it will disturb you.

3. Extra USB Ports: Most cooling pads include at least two USB ports, one for charging the gadget and the other for attaching an accessory. This feature is worth considering if you usually work with a mouse or an external keyboard.

A laptop cooling pad is a suitable way to cool down a device that has evolved too hot to handle. In general, laptop cooling pads will help your device’s proper airflow. A laptop cooling pad will not choke your laptop’s air intake as a pillow or blanket. External models may exhaust a laptop battery two to ten percent faster depending on the laptop’s and cooling pad’s regular power consumption. It is because it does not deplete it as quickly as one might believe.

To bypass overheating, you must take the following measures:

  • Maintain open vents and objects too near to your laptop out of the way.
  • Put your laptop on a stable, flat surface such as a desk or table.
  • If you detect any dirt, dust, or hair in your vents, cleanse them right away.
  • Working in a more relaxed environment is preferable.

The Bottom Line

After product analysis, extensive research, and an in-depth comparison of all of them, we have chosen EvoFox Typhoon Cooling Pad as the best cooling pad for laptops in India. The EvoFox Typhoon Cooling Pad includes a large, sturdy, and robust design that performs with laptops of all sizes. In addition, this cooling pad’s Hexa Mesh Design adds Strength and cooling ability, while silicon pads ensure a secure grip on the surface.