Apple Airpod Pro Review: Guide for Girls

Apple airpod pro Review

Despite Apple Airpods Pro’s release two years ago, these headphones are still a great choice. The smart design and fit, improved bass, noise cancellation feature, and excellent call quality make these worth it.

Think about upgrading your Apple Airpods Pro to Apple Airpods 3 if you have Apple Airpods Pro. Here are some reasons why Pro is still a great product.

Also, you can check out some cute airpod pro cases for girls trending in the market. They will help you to change the look without changing the AirPods.

An Overview:

Release Date: 30/ 10/ 2019

Price: Approx 17,000 INR

Dimensions: 21.8*30.9mm Airpods, 60.6*45.2mm Charging Box

Weight: 5.4gms Airpods, 45.6gms Charging Case

Model Name: AirPods Pro

Water Resistant: IPX4

What do we like?

  • It is an ultracompact, lightweight, sweatproof device.
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Noise cancellation feature that fits better in ears.
  • Bass and sound quality is par excellence
  • Transparency mode for sound in
  • Call quality is top-notch while the headset is worn
  • Spatial audio virtual surround feature with iOS14
  • Portable charging case

What did we not like?

  • Pricey
  • The sound quality is great, but some competitors are better
  • Charges via Lightning cable
  • Design not suited for every user

The Apple Airpods Original design took the spotlight and was well-received by fans. The Apple Airpods Pro covers the loopholes of the original model. In addition to sealing the ear canal, these earbuds also feature a noise cancellation feature. It is way ahead of the original Apple Airpods but is it worth the price?

Apple Airpods Pro: Is it Worth It For Every Girl?

Girls who love wireless earbuds and have iPhones should consider buying Pro.

If you are a Zumba trainer or a dancer, you can check them out. It provides a noise feature that is great to have.

Cardio and gym beasts will love this coz these are sweatproof. So, no worries.

How to Use Apple Airpods Pro?

The first thing you need to check before buying an Apple Airpod Pro is the right size ear tip. It will fall off if it is too small and may cause ear pains if it is too big.

Once you have attained the right ear tip size, you have to pair them with your iPhones to listen to music without much ado. You can use transparency mode on Airpods Pro to pump-in surrounding sounds so that you don’t miss important announcements. For this, just long-press the stem to enter transparency mode. A small touch will take you on a music tour, a double click will switch the song.

An ear tip can be fitted to the correct size. You can go to Bluetooth settings and tap on the small “i” icon. Here you get options like iOS, rename, control, customization, and ear fittest. The ear tips on AirPods Pro are designed specifically for the product. There is a small section that sits nicely on the ear around the speaker.

You don’t have to worry about losing earphones with Airpods Pro. If you tend to lose them often. You can locate them via iPhones if charged.

Apple announced the 3rd generation Airpods on 28th October 2021 and quietly updated the Airpods Pro case. Now, Airpods Pro Case is a MagSafe complaint.

How to Connect on iOS?

It is simple to connect Airpods Pro to the iOS device. Update your iPhone and pair them like any other product, thanks to the H1 chip. A small icon pops up and shows the earbuds icon. Tap on Connect. Now it is paired with iCloud as well. The card shows battery life and all related information.

How to Connect on Android?

If you are using AirPods with an Android device or Windows device, the process will be different. Just press long on the button to activate Bluetooth pairing mode. Search for Bluetooth pairing on the device and get going. Easy!

Apple Airpods Pro Review:

You have come to the right place if you are wondering why Apple fans love Airpods Pro. It is because Airpods Pro has fixed many issues like covering the ear canal well. It may seem that it is not a big deal, but actually, it is. You will notice a huge difference in sound quality.

Why do you need noise cancellation? The answer is twofold. The AirPods seal your ear and prevent external noises. The sound quality is maintained, so there is no need to increase the volume while listening to music or making calls. It protects your ears from hearing loss issues.

Apple Airpods Pro is cheaper than Apple Airpods generation 3 and has many things in common. Both are MagSafe complaint, IPX4 water-resistant, Lightning charging output, Adaptive Apple’s EQ, and spatial audio virtual compatible.

How does Airpods Pro sound?

Apple Pro is a little more special as it equalizes your music according to your ear shape. It enhances the music experience. Furthermore, it has a noise cancellation feature so that your music reaches your soul uninterrupted.

Sounds are better and clearer than previous AirPods versions. They are significantly powerful than Airpods 2. You hear the bass without feeling sound forced or fake. If we talk about voices, Airpods Pro does a good job by producing neutral frequency vocals. They are not over the top like many headphones.

How is Apple Airpods Pro for calling?

Apple Airpods is the microphone that is good enough for making calls. It has a good microphone but is not neutral. You may find some variations, but there is no issue while talking on the phone with these.

How good is Airpod Pro noise canceling?

Active noise canceling is the best feature of Airpods Pro. These are amongst the best noise-canceling earbuds available on the market. Airpods Pro has two tiny microphones. They both work for noise cancellation. Apple claims the inner microphone measures sound 200 times per second for correct sound counteract.

Can updating Firmware weaken ANC?

Many users have reported ANC issues after updating to firmware 2B588. If you have also updated the firmware and you are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues or ANC issues, do the following:

  1. Put your AirPods Pro back in the charging case.
  2. Factory data reset your Pro model by pressing the holding button for 15 seconds or until the flash turns white.
  3. Recharge the carrying case and update the firmware again.
  4. If you still encounter problems, immediately contact Apple Support.

It is not just Apple earbuds that have these issues, but Sony, Bose, and other Bluetooth earbuds have the same problems. Hopefully, with technological advancements, this issue will also be sacked.

What is Spatial Audio?

Spatial Audio is the Apple version of the sound surround announced by Apple in WWDC 2020 Apple. The assortment of accelerometers and algorithms provides the 3D sound effect. It teams up automatically with the device accelerometers while streaming videos or music. You can change it by moving your head.

Spatial audio only works with Apple TV and Disney. You have to update iPadOS 14 or iOS 14 for accessing spatial audio. It does not work on non-iOS devices for now.

How long battery last?

The battery lasts about 5 hours during constant playback with ANC that’s above average. Apple claims 4 hours 30 minutes battery life while streaming music with noise cancellation and 50% volume. The charging case lasts about 24 hours incompatible with Qi wireless charger or Magsafe charger.

The Bottom Line:

Airpods Pro is just $50 costly than the original model with a wireless charging case. It is worth buying as it sounds better, has ANC, gives a better fit and spatial audio. With all this, we recommend you Apple Airpods Pro. Go, get it, girls!