Fotor Online Editor Review 2020

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There is always a constant try to make photos look more appealing and exciting. It may be attempted through adding brightness or wrinkle removals, adjustment of light etc. in the picture but unfortunately, still, we at times are not satisfied by the results we get.

It is all because of the limited features available to us thru mobile devices and apps.

But don’t get disheartened. Now, you have got a new pal who will take care of your photo editing needs, and you will enjoy the unimaginable features of Fotor.

Features of Fotor Photo Retouch Tool

Nobody has a flawless look, but everybody wants to look young and impeccable in their photos which look impossible if the editing of the clicked photos is not taken up correctly.

Fotor photo retouch has tools like Wrinkle remover, Blemish Remover, Red-eye remover or Teeth Whitening which can be used to make photos look more beautiful and advanced.

Fotor has advanced features like a whole make up tool which can make a different look without a penny spent on makeup kits.

Feature like photo sharpening offers a whole changed look. If you love making attractive photos, you will be going for it.

The best thing about these features is that most of the features are free to use.

Still want some more professional features, buy the pro version available at a nominal cost.

5 Reasons Fotor for your Media Adventures

Although the photo editor software field has fierce competition, Fotor still has better chances than the others.



Fotor has every classic feature of robust photo editing software such as cropping, brightness, contrast, smoothing. It is so easy-to-use that nobody needs specialized knowledge in design to handle them.

All the features are easy to change, undo and understand. Experimenting with images has become a child’s play.

Multiple Modes

Fotor is versatile in editing any picture as compared to an average photo editing software by the addition of these modes:

  • Edit
  • Collage
  • Design

Most of the software limit to one of these three options, whereas Fotor gives you a chance to edit images, build pictures, and create graphic designs in the same interface.

Feature & Content Rich

Fotor has the features that you expect from image editing and more with different templates for inspiration. Feature-rich software makes it convenient to offer top-notch and exciting designs.

Available Online Or As An App

No matter where you like to perform, Fotor is available for you. Fotor is above the limitations of the hardware and operating system. It provides services online on a web browser without an extended installation period. There is no need to download and update the software—just log in with your ID and start work from home or office. Fotor is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS and connects with the largest platform of social media users.

Freely Available

Hearing all of these impressive benefits, you might be surprised to learn Fotor is free to use.

While there is a pro version with even more detailed options, the free version offers all you need for most social media marketing campaigns.

Features of the Fotor

Photo Editor

One of the main attractions of Fotor in the first place is Fotor’s photo editing feature. It is sturdy and easy to use. It is helpful and suitable for noises and experts alike.

After uploading images, try 1-tap enhancement for sparkle and pop without much ado on your part.

A complete array of advanced sliders gives complete control over the final product when you want to have specific features to edit. Fotor is full of hundreds of photo editing filters to make every photo classy and social-ready

Beauty Retouching

Fotor has broad image customization to offer good edits for photos of faces with a wide range of airbrushing and blemish removal features with a much-needed cover-up for wrinkles or acne, whiten teeth or body modifications.

Collage Maker

After editing a few photos, Fotor also offers to group them for collages… definitely a great way to bring multiple pics together into one post. Pictures provide a chance for more than one angle on photos which is a creative way to package image content. Fotor has four different styles of collage:

  • Classic
  • Artistic
  • Funky
  • Photo Stitching

Classic collages are best for simple collections of photos whereas Photo Stitching must be chosen for something a bit more sleek and stylish. Use Funky or Artistic when you want to be creative with pics. Funky offers different quirky photo frame shapes, and Artistic is inclined towards block colours and text to bridge the gap between photo collage and designed graphics.

Graphic Designer

Speaking about the graphics, Fotor offers the option to beautify and fully design the graphics for social media marketing campaigns. Fotor’s Graphic Designer feature provides collage text, images and design elements for professionally approached graphic content by just clicking a few tabs. This easy-to-use thousands of templates that Fotor offers, from fun and funky to sleek and stylish, are the best way to manage content and fulfil your desire to create an inspiring post. You may even add text to image and export, and use background eraser the tweak the template elements to fit it into your own set of detail.

Other Tools

Photography tools developed by the Fotor team, like PxBee family photos, are one of the most recent additions to the set of tools. PxBee is the best site that gives high-quality girl photos from the net to inspire your abilities to create one. Pictures are available to the user at a very nominal price. These pictures can be used at different places like in video or article, as good images say a lot about the excellent article.

Important Takeaways

  • You can never go wrong with Fotor as a business assistant and photo editing software for social media marketing campaigns.
  • The versatility and elegance of the photo editor feature offer complete managerial control over image usage and customization, giving you an able platform to create content with marketing appeal and perfectly suiting your desire.
  • Precisely curated images with Fotor’s collage and design features can make posts more visually appealing.
  • Powerful features and clear vision for any social media marketing opportunity helps in attracting more viewers for your content.
  • You can save a lot of money too while making pictures and images more beautiful and professional looking. No need to spend on high-end cameras or phones to create good photos.
  • This software is all that you need to make your photos look attractive and equivalent to those clicked using an expensive gadget.

Hoping that you must have enjoyed the detailed review of Fotor and it will make you love Fotor Online Editor even more.