Read Our In-Depth FlexClip Review 2020

FlexClip allows a user to work videos online straight from the internet browser, people find FlexClip convenient to use as they do not have to shell out hefty installation charges of an editing app like Camtasia, Movavi Video Suite, etc. Yes, it has got great user friendly features in it.

A video blogger or daily family video maker trying to capture every special family moment to cherish, video creating and editing tools make to present and store your precious memories in the best possible way.

Can’t wait further…. Let’s discuss FlexClip, the online video maker briefly.

FlexClip Review: an overview

??FlexClip Key Features

  • Web-based video maker and editor
  • Ready-made Templates
  • Full HD video export
  • Stock photo/video resources
  • Fully Customizable

Why Do You need FlexClip?

The beneficial tool to get after paying a small amount can be a tremendous help, only if the user knows the proper steps of utilization. The straightforward interface is sufficiently helpful for the beginners and intermediate video editors who need to do it on their own. Quick video stories, ready-made video Ad campaign, a corporate presentation video, or a simple family new year greeting video, everything can be done.

FlexClip Review: The Interface

The interface gives a crisp, smooth and pleasing to the eyes look. All the main options to cater to your needs are present at the top to pick from. User can access to a personal profile on the top right corner and SignOut or access the tutorials too.

All the features are self-explanatory to help the user to initiate a new project. Just click on Create tab and Voila! You are ready to start the latest projects!

FlexClip : Features in Detail

The features tab is where you will find information about all the editing features that you can use on your videos. As you see, there is a separate card for every feature available, which makes the display look clean as well as make it easy for you to choose one. The description of each function shown below the section makes it even more clear about what it does and also helps you in selecting the correct one for you. Hence, moving ahead with the FlexClip review, let’s discuss the features in detail.

Flexclip Templates

Click on the Create menu. Get redirected to a page to select the type of video you wish to make. Hover over each of the template cards to get a small preview about how the end product will turn out to be helping to choose the best template for the required job.

Trim Videos

FlexClip trim feature, let’s cut a clip from a video file with a length of choice. Reduce the insignificant portions from a long video. Ok … you captured it. . . . get it stored in a way told by the government agency. The handy feature is a boon for social media to make the combination smoother. Help yourself through Trim, Preview, save, done!

Add Music

Add Music to the Videos from royalty-free music collection provided by FlexClip which supports different audio formats that the user may change and edit with vast editing tools at his convenience, and can modify the background music from big stock music. It will be a delight to search and add Music definitive to the mood of the video which you can upload to music files.

Record Voiceover

Record voice and add it to the video with simple clicks, how easy it can be. Online Video Editor helps perform the task in a jiffy with FlexClip. The user can pen down narrations, record and add them in the sections in the videos to make them more personal and appealing.

Add & Edit Text

Adding text to the video helps the viewer to understand it better. You may choose from a wide variety of text styles to edit. FlexClip allows to re-position text blocks and adjusts time frame for the text to appear and disappear on the frame. Text colouring and font selection option are also available. FlexClip has all in it for text editing.

Custom Watermark

A feather in the cap, add a watermark to the videos to brand them as it is convenient for a YouTuber who makes them for a living.

Aspect Ratio

The basis of any video editing is the ability to change the aspect ratio of the video. FlexClip offers the feature with hassle-free adaptability.

Video Resolution Options

FlexClip Video Export resolutions enable to create videos up to 1080p. Meet personal needs for customizations of 720p and 480p too. Select the best fit format and resolution depending on the device and platform the videos play on.

Photo to Video

Music and text editing tools for presentations or photo slideshows help create professional slides without significant skills. The picture formats supported by FlexClip are BMP, GIF, ICO, WEBP, PNG, JPG, SVG, till the time this article was written.

Video Splitter

FlexClip perfectly splits video, with its splitting tool, into several segments easily and swiftly. You may not need a technical hand for this is as easy as cutting a cake. The formats supported are MP4 videos, MOV, WEBM, and M4V videos.

Zoom Videos

Sometimes video maker wants to zoom out, wishes to stand next to a beautiful tourist attraction. This feature does it all for you by smoothly zooming in on a video.

Rotate Videos

No need to worry if videos are captured sideways or upside down. FlexClip can rotate the footage for a storyline in just a single click.

Creating Videos with FlexClip Scene Planning

Most comfortable to handle in recent times, truly visually appealing, getting every detail to the place where they are expected to be. FlexClip has ready-made template making it comfortable from the very beginning to edit a video.

FlexClip Sample Template

The sample template gives a lot of ideas about the project to be undertaken—just go-ahead to search for the best ready-made templates to start from scratch.

FlexClip Storyboard Editing

Just got a storyboard at the bottom of the screen, it helps to choose the video to create and customize videos to exactly look like as you wish them to be. Swiftly changing and adding the backgrounds of scenes to the storyline.

Adding Video Transitions

User can add transitions between the screens to blend even better.

Preview the Story

Before the finally exporting the newly made video, it is good to check Preview attentively. Proceed with the final export phase only when you are delighted with the outcome…

Export the Final Video

Exporting the video is simple. Depending on the plan, select the video quality and export it in real-time or maybe later, as you wish. FlexClip always is there in the user account to save the time of export of the projects on the go.

In the end, it is more than satisfying with the professional-looking video made within 15-20 minutes and without a working plan.

FlexClip Review: What’s Not on Dot

  • Although it looks like a bouquet of features but still lacks a few pieces to make it incomplete.
  • Adding multiple Text blocks on the same scene is not possible. You may split the view and add a new text.
  • One-click option to share the video directly to Video sharing social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. is missing in the video export section.
  • Absence of an Undo option makes it difficult to deal with accidental deletion, changes made and recreation done to the whole video. The missing undo option is a significant disadvantage.
  • The maximum video length until now is 5 minutes which is not best for an extended family vacation or event like videos.


To conclude the FlexClip review, it is a perfect video maker, a blessing for a video maker creating shorter professional video stories without any video editing lessons to be taken before getting used to it. FlexClip is excellent value for money as buying a Video Editor, Royalty-Free Audio & Video packs can cost more than the FlexClip Plus plan. Still, miles to go to improve and provide.