DJI Action 2 Review: Upgrading Action Camera

The DJI Action 2 reveals the mold that has commanded the action camera scheme for decades with its novel modular design and easy-to-swap batteries.

The question is whether or not the innovative modular entrance of Action 2 is enough to place it apart from the competition. Are its unparalleled qualities the edge DJI requires to succeed in the action camera arena?

DJI Action 2 Review

Design: DJI Action 2

It’s tiny minimal: Merely 1.54 by 0.86 inches and a little 56 grams in weight. For an impression of what that implies in the real world, you can pack it in any pocket or wear it comfortably on the magnetic pendant accessory. The camera isn’t just an individual unit but is, in fact, modular, with the front selfie screen or battery detached from the camera module. The modules connect via a robust magnetic clamping system that’s absolutely rock solid. It allows the camera module to be sealed without even a charging port, awarding it a waterproofing grade of up to 32 feet deep. It can go below 196 feet with the aid of optional waterproof housing.

An additional advantage of this system is that it means no more opening fiddly ports to swap batteries. Instead, a new battery module can be snapped on in just a few seconds to begin recharging the primary battery.

The magnetic snap system also provides for the Action 2 to be immediately moved between separate accessories. So, for example, you could hold it on the Bluetooth remote control one second and effortlessly snap it off onto a magnetic mount attached to a headband the next.

The 1.76-inch touchscreen on each of the camera and front screen modules is undoubtedly tiny. A single button switches the camera on/off and stops/starts recording; double-taps to switch modes.

An intriguing design decision centers around the utter lack of ports on the camera module. Instead, the camera module holds 32GB of onboard storage. To expand the storage, the battery and front touch screen modules both feature a microSD card slot.

It furnishes decent magnification, albeit with a healthy dose of distortion throughout the edge of the picture.

Performance: DJI Action 2

As clever as the design of Action 2 is, it has to deliver excellent video footage as well. Action 2 highlights a 12MP 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor with f/2.8 aperture. Those aren’t especially impressive specs, but in usage, they churn out some great-looking videos. The Action 2 helps to shoot 4K footage at upto 120fps for high-resolution slow-motion or 240fps at 1080p for 8x slow motion.

It did a stable job handling high contrast scenes like a dim forest with a bright sky. Action 2 is consistently maintained to preserve shadows in such situations while not severely blowing out the highlights.

As you’d anticipate from a miniature sensor camera, low light performance is pretty poor though not the worst.

DJI has massively renewed their Rocksteady image stabilization has been improved. It realizes that “gimbal-like” stability makes it reasonable to get decent footage while driving and hand-holding the camera.

DJI Action 2

There’s also a unique HorizonSteady feature that maintains a level horizon regardless of camera orientation. Remember that RockSteady 2.0 only functions under 100fps, and HorizonSteady only works at resolutions of 2.7K or less.

Additionally, Action 2 has the hyper-lapse and timelapse capability we’ve come to expect from action cameras.

It’s usability for vlogging purposes or just video recording in customary.

The Action 2 can take still photos, though, in my experience, this is a rarely used function of action cameras. The 12MP sensor does an excellent job of rendering pleasing images. The QuickClip mode, which catches preset 15-second videos intended for social media, might be engrossed in. You can Livestream with the Action 2 at up to 1080p 30fps or utilize the camera as a webcam.

You can record for approximately 12 minutes of 4K video before the Action 2 ran out of fluid in the camera module’s 580mAh battery. They charge from dry to complete in about 90 minutes.

The camera is highly responsive, and changing settings is quick and easy. The DJI Mimo companion app is also a valuable tool for remote administration of Action 2 and an editing workflow for your footage. In addition, there’s an AI editor that can automatically edit your videos with music and appropriate transitions.

The Action 2 highlights Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connection to the app and optional accessories like Bluetooth remote. It’s a well-developed and streamlined system.

The Action 2 appears in two different bundles: The first one includes the primary camera, magnetic collar, power module, and magnetic adapter holder, while the dual-screen combo comes with everything involved in the power combo, stick a swap of the power module for a frontal touchscreen module and a magnetic ball head adapter holder.

Versatile and unique modular design, Remarkably small and lightweight, Great image quality, Gimble-like video stabilization, Fantastic audio recording capabilityImage quality isn’t quite as crisp as GoPro, Low light performance isn’t great


The DJI Action 2 is an innovative action camera, and its novel approach makes it stand out from the game. It does sizeable much everything you’d require an action camera to do and does it very well. When diminished to the bare minimum camera module, it’s an action camera that is so small and light that you have no excuse not to carry it with you. DJI has hit an actual home run with the Action by going out of their approach to rethinking action cameras from the spot up.