Videomaker by Designs.ai : The Review

Videomaker by Designs.ai has elevated the moods of many new video makers to do their task of editing and producing their short videos in a much better way.

Anybody having a very basic knowledge of the video editing can use it to the optimum to make short smart videos and personal mini-movies.

It is general perception that the video editors do a lot of hard work to make the magic happen in front of our eyes. They can be seen doing their task in a very effortless manner. This not only increases a level of respect for them but also elevates curiosity level to learn the skill.

But the real problem faced by a newbie is  the complicated controls which makes the task of editing look so cumbersome. Another reason for that complex in the brain is the inability to pick the right software for themselves.

Videomaker tool of Designs.ai , uses artificial intelligence (AI) to allow users to create bite-sized videos in a shorter span of time. But keeping it in mind, the user never knows how to have a quick video on short notice.

By following below mentioned steps of VideoMaker, and it will “Smarter, Faster, Easier” for the user to make videos as the task can be done within minutes… very true to their tagline.

There are four steps altogether that you need to take to get a preview of the video. These are:-

  • To enter the text
  • Getting the Industry
  • Changing the Mood
  • Getting the perfect Voice for the video

And now after going thru these steps ultimately user watches the first draft of the video.

User after entering the desired text, will be prompted to select the colour for the version. After the user finishes entering the Industry, it starts working in and will be given options for the ‘Mood’ of the video that he/she is opting for.

They’ve got good selections. The user can preview the music before selecting it. Then it’s up to the user to select the type of voice you want to use for a narration. The user can get videos made with voiceovers in 10 different languages.


This can be done by placing small ‘speaker’ icon the side of the category box. Designs.ai can make preview or a snippet.  The screen renders for approximately 2 minutes in which everything is done and dusted. Designs.ai redirects to the previewing dashboard which is the finale of tweaking and adjusting the clip.

Designs.ai Videomaker : Review

  • Provides stock footage based on the script to feed it.
  • Offers music according to the choice of the user and the mood opted by the user.
  • Decorates it with user backed narration.
  • Provides users to have fun, learn the controls and be happy getting the best.
  • Markets Videomaker as a platform meant for a beginner, which means friendly and pleasant place for starters.
  • Pans and zooms used in video production from still imagery gives Ken Burns effect. .
  • User takes about a whole working day, i.e., 6 hours for the post-production of original bite-sized videos.
  • The user can get videos made with voiceovers in 10 different languages. For this exceptional feature, the user has to select a language of his choice and write the script in it and proceed to video creation.
  • Videomaker can automatically detect the language of the script for the video. If the voiceover language is incorrect, the user can opt for the drop-down menu and change it to the required language. If necessary, a speaker icon can be added for a preview and user can do required edits to the script with a simplified video editor

Designs.ai Videomaker : Price Comparison

Videomakerstarts with $33.00/- one-time
Advantages Disadvantages
The entire process of using Designs.ai takes about 15-20 minutes.All could’ve been streamlined with a quick and fast 30 second tutorial about what’s what. But the matter is cumbersomely adopted.
It would take more time if you want to arrange the font and tweak other elements.Videos so produced look more like a disjointed comedy shorter than a short video, but using it regularly may change the prospect.
Designs.ai’s Videomaker was made to allow users to reduce time.Designs.ai has its dashboard which does not show the specific concept.
Resources and effort is spent tirelessly creating quality content.It would take more time to arrange font and tweak other elements of the video.
The software interface is enjoyable.User doesn’t get a personalised detail while relying on the power of AI to get the job done.


Talking about the bright side, Videomaker being a newbie in the market, has room for improvement, although specific explanations lacked, still Videomaker is clean, clear, simple, and an old alternative to quickly put together when you needed some thing.