Comprehensive Review of NEW Toyota Avanza 2020

Toyota Avanza

The Toyota Avanza 2020 has taken the 7 passengers MPV to the whole new world of pleasure driving. It has got the style, got the moves, and stunning looks.

This is featuring with more aggressive exterior having a bigger grill at the front and a split highlight. The dual-edge tail lights and its muscular bumper provide more pronounced back and sides of New Toyota Avanza 2020.

With an optional parking sensor and camera (ISOFIX), it has dual airbags for the driver and the front passenger, and anti-lock brake system or ABS. In top-spec variants of new Toyota Avanza 2020, there is a new infotainment system inside.

New Toyota Avanza 2020 specs:

The main specifications of New Toyota Avanza 2020 are:

  • 5 doors MPV Body Type
  • 1.3L or 1.5L gasoline, 4 cylinders
  • 95HP or 105 HP @ 6000 rpm power
  • 121 Nm or 136 Nm @ 4200 rpm torque
  • It has 4 speed automatic or manual transmission
  • The estimated fuel efficiency is estimated maximum is 18 Km/1 highways.
  • 200mm ground clearance

Both engines of New AVANZA 2020 produce more horses at 95.6 HP and 102.6 HP that improve the power and efficiency of this outstanding vehicle.

Interior, Exterior, and Performance features:

Here are the essential features of new AVANZA 2020:

  • Interior features:

Its flexible and spacious interior is large enough to accommodate seven occupants in comfort. Its second-row seats are adjustable to vary the passenger space available to suit the needs of the entire family. Toyota Avanza accommodates longer loads with so much ease because of its adjustable folding seats. You can get a functional storage area freely distributed throughout AVANZA. According to Autofun, facilities of bottle holders, cup holders, front condole, and a glove box make Avanza the most convenient option for a comfortable and relaxed family ride in 2020.

  • Exterior features:

New Toyota Avanza is available with 14-inch alloy wheels with a good measure of wheel-arch filing style. It also offers a stable road holding and cornering. Its practical dimensions ideally suit the urban maneuvering with still having ample inside. With perfect length, height, and width parking even with seven passengers is nothing, but a breeze for this minivan.

Its practical and stylish exterior design, sturdy but elegant appearance, LED lights with efficiently illuminating light, and modern looks are merely breathtaking. It has a chrome-accented front grille that adorns the front face to provide an attractive and youthful look.

  • Performance features:

If you see the performance features, the Toyota Avanza has excellent maneuverability that provides the best turning circle of just 4.7meters that makes u-turns a breeze. Its 1.5liter engine provides confident performance, with effortless and economical transportation. Its advanced engine technology, sophisticated audio system, and three dials instrument clusters make it ideal for an urban environment.

Out to the filed, Fortuner might be the vehicle you want to drive. Yet in the city, Toyota Avanza would be the car that you need to ride on when circling around, in a comfort and also elegant stand.