Comparium Review 2020

cross browser testing

In 1991, when the world was introduced to the worldwide web. Users got to view the first web page in August 1991 around the world. They were amazed and thrilled as they could share their information with others across countries. With time, the internet and the world of web pages evolved. The percentage of browser usage share keeps on varying depending on users’ age groups, locations, and device in use. Browser compatibility became an issue and gave way to understand the cross-browser testing tool.

Earlier, people had only Internet Explorer (IE) for viewing web pages. Nowadays, with multiple options, people have more than 100+ browsers at their service. The major browsers which have a dominating share of users in the browser market are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, Opera, UC Browser, etc. Still, there are some features which don’t run on all browsers like IE does not support box-shadow and some other CSS.

The type of front end testing to verify a site for working perfectly with all browsers is cross-browser testing. It is done to verify the website developed runs on targeted browsers properly. Testing can be done manually or using automated tools like Comparium.

Comparium is definitely a powerful Cross browser testing tools for taking cross-browser tests in real-time to help to test the functionality of web resource. It is constantly improved for better services for better user experience.

Comparium will help in monetizing website’s traffic by fixing the issues of the various web browsers users on varied operating systems making it definitely a must-use tool for the website owner to perform the cross-browser website testing with easy handling. The application provides a platform to check the site and make it smooth to run in a variety of browsers.

Though it is impossible to get the full alignment of all parameters across different browsers and OS, with the help of cross-browser testing tool, user can ensure the whole content is accessible to the users and user can perform all basic functions on the app or website without any glitch.

Comparium is a must-have cross browser testing tool for all the website developers to test websites on multiple platforms as it is offering a set of features for compatibility and functionality test to act as a powerful assistant to keep track while testing performance with browsers and their versions. It has even updated a bunch of browsers to improve the testing experience over cross-browser testing on the latest versions of browsers and display of web-resource.

Key Features of Comparium

  • Live testing in real-time on the Windows 10 operating system is available with a combination of your choice.
  • Support for basic authentication helps to take screenshots of protected pages with just one click in different browsers.
  • Upload mockup as a template for comparison of screenshots taken with it in JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF formats.
  • Live testing mode performs real-time testing of web resources on browsers and OS as per your choices and needs.
  • Helps to find differences in comparison mode of screenshots taken
  • Overlay and slider comparison mode broadens for accurate screenshot comparison.
  • Side-by-side comparison mode facilitates comparing the web resource in various browsers showing taken screenshots next to each other in order at the same time.
  • Guest and Pro Plans offer the full access to the service with and without restrictions, respectively, in functionality.
  • Latest updated configured versions of all the popular browsers
  • Have new Linux versions to make testing easier and expand user’s audience with support
  • Authentication with Auth0 for not storing or transmitting user data anywhere making it very reliable service
  • “Select all/unselect all” functionality to help save time on screenshots taken.
  • To ease your mundane routine and be able to deal with screenshots not only one by one,
  • Mass action functionality viz., select, multi-refresh, delete to select resolution filter and resolution multi-check for enhanced testing routing to your needs.
  • “Refresh” functionality for screenshots are taken directly in browsers and not from the cache.

Comparium as a Cross Border Testing Tool

Comparium is a convenient web application offering all that is needed for website testing of a web page design on any OS and browser combination. It offers to save time by eliminating the need to test for each combination, manually making a website test easier by just submitting the web page test address and checking the results. Comparium offers the users with the screenshots of the user’s web page design to allow checking web page browser compatibility within minutes.

Comparium Guest plan allows using the following configurations:

  • Win & Mac platforms without Dark Mode
  • latest Chrome and Firefox in 1024p width
  • Completely free of charge

Whereas, the subscription for Comparium PRO plan costs $15/month and higher.

With Comparium, manage web browser testing on different browsers and operating system according to user choice. The browsers supported by Comparium are :-

  • Google Chrome 81, 80, 79, 78
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, 10
  • Safari 13, 12
  • Mozilla Firefox 75, 74, 68
  • Opera 67, 66

Comparium as a cross-browser testing tool, supports for browsers from different platforms to perform flawless web testing on the following OS, namely, Windows 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, and Linux.

With each version of Comparium tries to put forward many new features for the users and is always constantly in search of new ideas to implement them.