Winning in the Digital Age – Book Review

How are the rules of marketing changing in the digital age

Digitalization is affecting every phase of our lives as customers, reshaping every industry and transforming not just products and processes but entire business models. It is a hair-raising roller coaster ride that offers leaders and young specialists great opportunities to leapfrog and improve their organizations and professions. Nitin provides practical guidance on winning.

The bestselling author and Incedo CEO Nitin Seth explains how digital is the mega-trend of our era. The VUCA world, i.e., Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous, is a large and complex transformation that is not straightforward to manage.

The writer tries to bring transparency to the Digital Age and Digital Transformation process, breaking it down into Seven Building Blocks and how strong to master them:

1. New Rules of Business

2. Industry Maturity Curves

3. Digital Technologies

4. Global Delivery Model

5. Organizational Transformation

6. Entrepreneurial Leadership

7. Next-generation Talent

It has the following key points of discussion.

  • How are the rules of marketing changing in the digital age?
  • What disruptive possibilities does digital present in different industries?
  • How to best support the potential of digital technologies like AI and the Cloud?
  • How do organizational skills and training requirements change?
  • What new experiences do leaders and young professionals require to build?

The book presents more than theories or projections, but preferably a hands-on, field-tested practitioners’ attitude to clarify the complicated topic of Digital Transformation and Winning in the Digital Age.

The book has refined experiences from a digital circuit into a framework of seven building blocks that is necessary for successful Digital Transformation. Digital has grown an all-pervasive mega inclination, dramatically improving the lives of individuals, business paradigms of enterprises, and the market of India.

All of the above rendezvous leads to an approach for Incedo. It has been encouraging digital transformation end-to-end from design to execution, producing the best from digital natives to more traditional industries, focusing on analytics and data as the “secret sauce”, and leveraging the global advantage. Incedo has a ringside view of the nuances of Digital Transformation over many industries- banking, capital management, telecom and media, life sciences and healthcare, and industry products. This crown in the book “Winning in the Digital Age” and the overarching core of Seven Building Blocks for Successful Digital Transformation.

This book is a comprehensive and practical handbook that will deliver clarity to Digital, the defining mega-drift of our times. The writer considers this book is a rare combination. It draws all his practical experiences collectively driving Digital Transformation at guiding enterprises over the past twenty years. Yet, given his coaching as a McKinsey consultant, he has translated the learnings into frameworks, making it easy to concede and execute.

Acumens in the book will assist you to recognize the fascinating possibilities Digital extends to all of us. So much development has already happened in the digital age, but there is so much more yet to come. The book shares insights and best practices across the Seven Building Blocks that can assist unlock the enormous potential of digital.

These penetrations are not theoretical but based on what has been witnessed and practised working with some of the best companies in the world. The wisdom in this book will bring clarity to a complex and vast topic like digital transformation and help you make better judgments and execute effectively. Moreover, serve you to lead efficiently in this digital age and thus help both reader and the organization step up and realize their infinite potential.

About the Writer

Nitin Seth is a refined industry leader with a novel combination of expertise as a Global Manager, Entrepreneur, and Management Consultant. He is enthusiastic about developing and transforming businesses, encouraging innovation, coaching, and building high-performance teams.

Nitin, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, is the Chief Executive Officer of Incedo Inc., a high-growth technology services firm focused on Digital, Data, and Analytics. Before Incedo, He was awarded Chairman’s gold Medal for standing first in the MBA program and a degree in engineering (B.Tech) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Nitin has been in various top management posts.

He was Chief Operating Officer of Flipkart, MD and Country Head for Fidelity International in India, and Director of McKinsey’s Global Knowledge Centre in India. He conceptualized, promoted and managed many new data analytics-based capabilities with far-reaching management influence.

He has been twice elected to the NASSCOM Executive Council, held Founder & Chairperson of NASSCOM’s GIC Council, and continued as the Chairperson of the Nasscom Regional Council (NRC), Haryana, India. Nitin is strong about mentoring and nourishing leaders.

He is a Co-Founder of Plaksha University, which is considered India’s most extensive collective philanthropy work to build a new paradigm of engineering education and research.