Colleen Hoover Fans Rejoice: The Definitive Book Order Guide!

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Colleen Hoover has captured the hearts of readers around the world with her emotionally charged contemporary romance and young adult novels. If you’ve just discovered her or you’re looking for the perfect sequence to dive into her gripping stories, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to guide you on what order to read Colleen Hoover books so that you can fully immerse yourself in her world of captivating characters, heartwrenching dilemmas, and sweet, sometimes tragic, love stories.

Understanding Colleen Hoover’s Genre

Before we dive into the reading order, let’s take a moment to understand the essence of Colleen Hoover’s work. Her novels primarily fall into the contemporary romance and young adult fiction genres, often blending elements of family drama, heartache, and personal growth. What sets her apart is her ability to craft compelling stories that resonate with readers on a deeply emotional level. Her writing is vivid and emotionally charged, which makes it easy to connect with her characters and become invested in their lives.

Starting Points for New Readers

If you’re new to Colleen Hoover’s books, you might be wondering where to begin. Let me share a few great starting points that will introduce you to her style and storytelling:

1. “Slammed”

“Slammed” is a fantastic introduction to Colleen Hoover’s storytelling. It tells the story of Layken, a young woman dealing with her father’s death, who moves to a new city and meets her charismatic neighbor, Will. This book not only explores love but also deals with loss and the power of words. Hoover’s writing in “Slammed” is heartfelt, and the characters are easy to relate to, making it a great first choice.

Personal Anecdote: When I first picked up “Slammed,” I was instantly drawn into the world of Layken and Will. The emotional rollercoaster and beautifully written poetry in the book left a lasting impression on me, and I couldn’t wait to read more of Colleen Hoover’s works.

2. “Confess”

“Confess” is another excellent starting point. It revolves around Auburn Reed, a young woman with a painful past who stumbles upon an art studio with anonymous confessions. Her connection with the artist, Owen, leads to a compelling, beautifully written romance, intertwined with secrets and confessions.

Personal Anecdote: “Confess” was the first Colleen Hoover book that I read, and it instantly made me a fan. The art and confessions element added a unique layer to the story, making it a memorable and engaging experience.

Series Novels

Colleen Hoover has written several series and duologies that can enhance your reading experience. While these books can be read as standalone novels, reading them in order can deepen your connection with the characters and their stories.

1. The “Hopeless” Series (Hopeless, Losing Hope, Finding Cinderella)

If you enjoy series that allow you to become truly immersed in the characters’ lives, the “Hopeless” series is a great choice. It explores themes of love, loss, and secrets, with a dash of suspense. Reading these books in order will give you a more profound understanding of the characters and their intricate connections.

Personal Anecdote: Reading “Hopeless” and then diving into “Losing Hope” from the male lead’s perspective added a layer of depth to the story that I absolutely loved.

2. The “Maybe Someday” Series (Maybe Someday, Maybe Not)

This duology consists of “Maybe Someday” and the novella “Maybe Not.” It’s a unique story about unexpected connections and the power of music to bridge the gap between people. Reading both books allows you to fully appreciate the characters’ development.

Personal Anecdote: The “Maybe Someday” series is a personal favorite of mine. It explores the intricacies of human relationships and the magic of music, making it an unforgettable journey.

Standalone Novels

Colleen Hoover’s standalone novels cover a wide range of emotions and themes. These can be read in any order, but here are a couple of standouts:

1. “It Ends with Us”

If you’re looking for a powerful and thought-provoking story, “It Ends with Us” is a must-read. It delves into complex themes of love, resilience, and difficult choices, making it a deeply emotional and unforgettable experience.

Personal Anecdote: “It Ends with Us” is a book that left me in tears, contemplating life and love. It’s a story that stays with you long after you’ve turned the final page.

2. “November 9”

“November 9” is a tale of love and destiny. This novel beautifully captures the idea that sometimes, love finds its way into our lives when we least expect it. Reading it at any point in your Colleen Hoover journey will bring you an enjoyable and heartwarming experience.

Personal Anecdote: “November 9” reminded me that love can be found in the most unexpected places and during the most unexpected moments in life.

Interconnected Characters and Crossovers

One of the delightful aspects of Colleen Hoover’s books is the subtle character connections and crossovers between her novels. You might come across familiar characters or references in her stories, creating a sense of continuity and a unique connection for dedicated readers.

Personal Anecdote: I remember the excitement of recognizing a character from a previous novel in a new story. It’s like meeting an old friend in a different setting, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the reading experience.

The Importance of Reading Order

The order in which you read Colleen Hoover’s books can significantly impact your experience. It’s not about getting lost in a linear storyline, but about avoiding spoilers and ensuring you feel the full emotional impact of the plot twists and character developments. Some stories are interconnected, and the order can amplify the depth of your connection to the characters.

Out-of-order reading? Missed character connections! Reading in sequence enriches the experience.

Colleen Hoover’s Recent Works

My knowledge extends up to September 2021; Colleen Hoover might have new releases. Be sure to check her latest works to stay up to date with her ever-evolving storytelling.

Reader Recommendations

Share your Colleen Hoover journey online with fellow fans. Your insights and favorite reading orders are welcome!


Colleen Hoover’s books touch your heart, whether you start with “Slammed” or any novel. The order is flexible; each offers a unique experience. Enjoy her unforgettable stories anytime!

Happy reading!