“Called For Travelling” – Book Review

called for travelling book review


Most of the people like to watch and know about college basketball especially those who are fans of sports nonfiction. Tyler Smith was part of the Penn State Menís team and his talks about his journey through the college and after college basketball life in this intriguing tale. When he wrote Called for travelling which is not only about some of his college life but primarily as a player in Europe and Asia, people got really motivated to read it to know about Tyler and where he has gone and what he has done after he played for Penn State University.† It is a pro basketball journey which not only spans over seven countries in four continents and twelve teams he has played with hilarious as well as adventurous years.

After playing for Penn State University, Tyler Smith had a clearly understanding in his mind about what he wanted to do in his pro basketball career and what to follow. It talks about his interesting instances such as carrying toilet paper for his away games, playing on courts made of concrete and playing in the matches were there was fully-feared riot police present in every stadium, which he never dreamt of. †He explains about how he wondered about big contracts people have in basketball career which is often talked about. He brilliantly highlights his conundrum of even having a job next season or even next week or sitting idle and jobless in his home. He also talks about the challenges he faced where he wondered whether his team would pay him or he will end up playing free for a month.

Talking about highly unstable as well as an unorthodox overseas way of life as a professional basketball player, Tyler Smith takes the reader into his life experience journey with his innate humour as well as ability to share few of the most interesting and clever stories which may seem quite outrageous but are true, which is mind-boggling. He talks about his attitude and how his fate was constantly tested via bounced paychecks, physical injuries and his ever-growing frustration of facing the reality of the people who donít even speak the same language as his. It is a great enriched life and eventful tour of a person through various cultures of different places.† He tells about different places he lived and what it is like to live in new and different places and how he experienced different cultures he never had the chance previously. He talks about countries like Italy, Japan, Uruguay and the experience he had there. He mentions the challenges he faced and adventures he had as his life changed with getting married and having kids while being overseas. His intriguing story will leave you spell-bounded for the entirety of the book.

One of the biggest things you can take this book from is his can-do attitude and his perspective on life which will certainly make you read more into this book and continue it reading. As a reader, you get to know about what it means to be a basketball player, during college and after college but also about life lessons; that there are only two things that you can control in your life, your attitude and work ethic, which is greatly showcased in this book by the Tyler Smith. He has shown the same and applied it through-out the book.

It is the extremely entertaining book for the basketball fans and those looking for future in pro basketball. With over 400 players in NBA at any given instance, this book entails an engaging tale of a basketball player who faced precarious circumstances. For players coming out of college ranks, it is generally a choice of having a real job or going through the hoops and chase for glory in pro leagues all across the globe. Most of the time, the stories of such players get untold and new players, especially those in college basketball team donít get to know the real side of pro basketball scenario, both within the country and outside. They donít get to know about what it takes to remain a top-player while facing lifestyle changes and situations which are unavoidable and equally straining on both mind and body. This book clearly highlights these aspects in great detail which makes it quite brilliant and stand-apart book in the genre. It talks about the grit, sacrifice and all the hard work put up by the NBA All-Stars while remaining casual in approach, hilarious at many times and gripping in the entirety. Tyler Smithís globetrotting tale is as entertaining as it gets where he talks about his eventful life and an athlete who was on the fringe of his sport. Called for Travelling is a stark and genuine reminder to all those dreaming about playing professional basketball. It is full of colourful and great characters along with few of the legends of basketball which also play a key role in players life to chase their dreams.

So if you are an aspiring basketball player in college looking to get into the professional basketball, then it is a no-brainer to read this great book about the action in and off the basketball court. Even if you are a casual follower of basketball, you will certainly enjoy the stories Tyler Smith goes on telling about and his brilliant storytelling skills. His experiences will certainly give you an idea of what it means to have a strict sense of ethics and a never-give-up attitude to have success in life. Called for Travelling is an epic tale of how difficult can life be for those who chase their dreams, how to face the challenges and overcoming the worst circumstances. It also highlights how important it is to keep your calm and focus to succeed as a professional basketball player. However, the life aspects he talks about is not just for players, but also for everyone who wishes to achieve his dreams. It signifies the importance of determination and role it plays in achieving success. It is the story of a person who overcame all the odds and made the best out of against-the-odd situations and came out with flying colours. You should definitely read this book to know more about life and challenges of a professional basketball player and how following stringent work ethic will lead to success in life while keeping the composure.