Book Review Not Just Cricket by Pradeep Magazine?

Not Just Cricket by Pradeep Magazine

After seeing the modern Indian evolution, Pradeep Magazine has artistically put minute details in his new book Not Just Cricket, making it a fascinating read. The book cannot just be termed to be dedicated solely to cricket, but every aspect revolving around the topic can be lived as we get lost in the lines drafted craftily.

India has gone through a lot, and a lot is buried somewhere either in the hearts of Magazine the nationalists or in the eyes of Magazine the journalist. Mr Magazine is clearly one of those who has seen and lived historic moments. He has a rare ability to tactfully paint a picture through his words and tell the story of the nation, giving us an account of what exactly happened.

Most of what is in the heart of the author can be identified thoroughly as we imagine what the author is willing to portray.

Beginning from the terrific incident of Kashmir in the 1950s to the loud roars of terror-stricken Punjab, from the first war in claiming Mandir or Masjid to the impact of the tragic Mandal politics in the Kashmir Situation, Mr Magazine has shown us all. One can unquestionably depict it as insider news. The picture that one forms after reading the first few pages build the foundation of shocking reality.

While coming to the core of the book, one realizes how modern India lets democracy speak and thus brings in insightful knowledge blended with utter truthfulness, making the book one of its kind. It can also be rightly said that the book has woven the history of cricket and the personal incidents of delight and sorrow in the life of cricketers.

The book indirectly shows that the glamour portrayed by the media is not always what it is. Sometimes, it becomes necessary for personalities like Mr Magazine to come up with such transparencies in the most prominent game of our country. We all are aware that cricket is the most dominating game for the nation. What lies in the past of it and how the entire game of fixtures and players has changed all of it was needed to be written for coming generations to know and Pradeep Magazine did it beautifully.

An interesting turn takes its shape when the book reveals how ego clashes play their bowl in the team itself. It is wonderful to re-read details that are tactfully written to outline the reality of the sport.

Mr Magazine has again shown his power over his words by penning down his expansive and not so warm childhood, which transformed him into the person that he is today. Vividly capturing moments of Tiger Pataudi, the book also marvellously shows what the true spirit of Indian cricket is all about.

He has incomparably proven that no money in this world can purchase excellence, and it only comes through the hard work which Tiger Pataudi had done in his times. The name Tiger was earned through hard work and thus became a phenomenon in the eyes of the nation.

One can term the book as a phenomenal classic which needs every Indian’s attention whether they are into cricket or not. Some reads are necessary to understand what actuality is. Its not always one gets to read such entertaining and insightful details it takes special eyes to capture such detailing.

A troubled history about India and its reality or cricket and its amiability, Not Just Cricket is a perfect companion to your weekend reading plans. Read, enjoy and share!

About the Author: Pradeep Magazine An eminent former sports editor of the Pioneer, The India Today e-paper and Hindustan Times, Pradeep Magazine is a prominent cricket writer and a columnist who began his journalistic career in the year 1979. The first place where he played his hands was the Chandigarh edition of The Indian Express. Slowly in the years 1999-2000, he bagged the position of the cricket editor in the same company.

Pradeep Magazine is also known for his keen interest in exploring places as he has widely travelled covering international cricket in all Test-playing nations. He is also the author of the book, Not Quite Cricket. The book uncovered tremendous insider news about the match-fixing scandal way before it surfaced in 2000 and shook the world.