Understanding Key Differentiators between Luxury Housing Projects and Affordable Housing Projects in Gurgaon

Luxury houses cottage village on the shore of the lake

Affordable housing has always been the most preferred choice amongst the homebuyers across India for several years. But, this doesn’t mean that the significance of luxury homes and projects is reduced or minimized. You will see a number of luxury projects popping up across Gurgaon along with affordable housing market. But, the best affordable housing projects in Gurgaon open a wide spectrum of housing opportunities for home seekers that fall under the mid segment category.

If you look for the key points of differences between the luxury housing projects and affordable housing projects price is the only prime differentiator. Most of the luxury projects in Gurgaon usually start with the price range of Rs. 1 Cr and no upper limit has been set the builders of luxury projects. Contrary to this, affordable housing has the significant demand from the pool of mid segment homebuyers in India. The rates of the affordable houses in Gurgaon usually vary from location to location, but it tends to fall in the price bracket of Rs. 20 Lac to Rs. 40 Lac and even less than Rs. 15 Lac in some remote locations.

Affordable Housing Scheme in Gurgaon!

Apart from the pricing, amenities are also the major differentiators between luxury housing projects and affordable housing in Gurgaon. All the luxury homes in Gurgaon tend to offer a wide variety of luxury lifestyle amenities to the homebuyers including cycling tracks, fitness centre, gym, swimming pool, badminton and tennis court, bar, cafe, spa, restaurants, bar, coffee shops and convenience stores within the community. On the other hand, the affordable housing comes with limited lifestyle amenities and it comprises of only basic necessities and facilities like gardens, play area and more. You will not find all the lifestyle luxury amenities in the affordable housing projects like you find in any luxury projects in Gurgaon. But this doesn’t mean that the quality of construction is compromised in affordable housing projects. It only lacks in amenities and facilities but the overall construction of the project is at par the luxury projects.

Apart from this the size and space of the homes is another key differentiator between luxury homes and affordable projects. The floor area of the luxury project projects is usually bigger and it offers larger spaces to dwell as compared to the affordable housing projects. The luxury homes have more spaces both externally and internally, while the affordable homes have smaller spaces and available only in 1/2BHK apartments with small floor sizes. Since the overall size of the project is small, the homes within the project are tends to be smaller in sizes and they are usually designed in 1 and 2 BHK sizes.

According to the Union Budget of 2019-2020, the buyers of affordable homes would enjoy some additional financial benefits which are lacking with luxury projects in Gurgaon. Under the affordable housing scheme, the homebuyers will enjoy certain tax benefits which are offered under this segment to the homebuyers. They will now save more money on tax when they buy affordable homes in Gurgaon.

There will also be an exemption in notional rent from second property. But with luxury properties there will be tax implications when the homebuyers exceed the total amount of investment or their income group is in the higher side.


To conclude the discussion, the luxury and affordable housing projects have diverse audiences as both these segments actually fulfil the requirements in respective way. The financial capabilities of the homebuyers are the most crucial aspect when deciding on which segment you must invest your hard earned cash. Individuals usually have some kind of restriction or limitation when it comes to spend their hard earned money for buying homes in Gurgaon. Besides, the expectations of the homebuyers also help in deciding the relevant segment for investment. Here expectations are in regards to the facilities and benefits that homebuyers get from both the segments.

There are many luxury projects across Gurgaon that are worth investing it. But this doesn’t mean that you must overlook the significance of affordable homes. Check out online for Affordable Property for Sale in India from the reliable online realty website Planmyproperty. Based on your financial capabilities and expectations you are suggested to find the right property for investment and yield higher returns in future. PlanMyProperty is the realty website that will guide you through the process and help you in deciding the right property for investment across Gurgaon.