Relocating for work? 5 ideas to help sell your home -fast.

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So, you’ve decided to move for work reasons, and you need to sell your home quickly. It’s worth bearing in mind that in 2020,  homes were on the market for 56 days on average, from listing to the closing date.  The good news that this was 8% faster than in 2019 and the trend is likely to continue. Although sales are influenced by location, price, property type, and condition, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of a quick sale.

Choose your sales strategy

Are you going to list your home with a top local real estate agent? Offer your home to a business that will buy homes directly from owners?  Sell it yourself by listing on one of the huge property listing sites? Or even try to auction it?

Each choice has pros and cons. If your priority will be to get the best price, you may have to be prepared to wait longer for a sale, but your realtor will be able to guide and advise you. His or her reputation will also influence buyers. 

If, due to your impending move, you just want the sale wrapped up quickly, selling to a home buying specialist may be the best option. If you sell it yourself, you’ll save on realtor costs, but will need to consider whether you invest the time and effort that’ll be required.

Carry out minor repairs

Invest some cash in resolving minor cosmetic issues inside your home. These may not seem significant, but many buyers just want to move in without the hassle and expense of carrying out small repairs, and they’ll prefer to buy homes that are in perfect condition. It will also help you resist pressure to reduce the price due to the alleged cost of putting things right.

Add curb appeal

First impressions are all-important. Make sure that, as potential buyers draw up in front of your home, it looks clean and neat. Well-kept landscaping will give the impression that your exterior is easy to maintain. When buyers compare a tidy exterior to an identical one that looks unkempt, it’s clear which property will be more attractive.

Stage your home

Make sure it’s immaculately clean. Create a ‘blank canvas’ by removing as many personal items as possible. Buyers tend to be attracted to well-lit homes, so ensure windows are clean and unobstructed with heavy curtains. Finally, invest in some professional photography so that wherever your home is posted, it’s will be shown to its best advantage.

Make it memorable

Although you’re aiming as much as possible to de-personalize your home, consider how you can make it stand out to potential purchasers, who may be viewing multiple properties.  Print some of the photos you’ve taken, and invite them to be taken as ‘souvenirs’. Place a plate of cookies and water and leave a note offering viewers to help themselves as refreshments. Small touches can help create a positive impression of you as an owner, and help your property stay in the minds of your viewers.