Real Estate Videography: How Video Production Boosts Sales

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To stand out in a highly competitive housing market, real estate agents use video production to create content that attracts new leads and generates more revenue.

And since the majority of marketers (74%) claim that video content delivers a better ROI than images, itís easy to see why.

Not only is video content a strategic promotional tool, it also signals to prospective buyers that you will be transparent about, and invested in, their home buying experience.

Creating a self-introduction video and sharing it on a website landing page can lead to an 86% increase in conversions. And by including video content in email outreach, you can boost new visitor traffic by 300% increase and email clicks by 54%.

From walk-through tours to educational content, a prospective clientís first impression of you plays a pivotal role in their decision to either get in touch with you or keep looking.

In this article, we detail why video production is a worthwhile investment for you, both now and years down the line.

To boost sales through video production, there are two different routes you might take: either you hire a real estate videographer or you become one.

The Cost-Benefit of Hiring a Real Estate Videographer

Managing client relationships and negotiating with listing or selling agents leaves little time to learn everything you need to know about video production ó especially since videography comes with its fair share of learning curves.

With budget and time constraints, it may not be feasible to purchase videography gear and teach yourself how to use video editing software. The smarter move might be to outsource this skill and work with a seasoned real estate videographer.

The sections that follow detail how hiring on a videographer benefits you from a ROI standpoint. 

1. Lead Generation

According to one source, video has effectively improved lead generation efforts for 84% of marketers.

Itís more possible now than ever before to promote yourself and available properties on social media, websites, and other platforms. And because 52% of home buyers search and find their home via online channels, you can rest assured that thereís an audience for your video content.

By improving the quality of your outreach through videos, youíre in a better position to attract new buyers.

2. ROI

Unless youíre serving as both the listing and selling agent for a property, odds are youíre receiving half of the 6% commission from the sale price.

The property that youíre selling this week may be $50,000 more expensive than the property youíre selling next week. Because a propertyís sale price determines your commission, this variable can change how much youíre willing to spend to hire a videographer.

As you negotiate your terms with a videographer, itís important to strike the right balance between receiving a good ROI and paying the videographer fairly for their talent.

3. Retainer Agreements

One of the many perks of outsourcing videography talent is that you can work with the same or different videographers for however long you prefer.

If you donít want to make a long-term investment, you can hire a videographer every few months. But if you are looking to make a long-term investment, you can form a retainer agreement with a videographer that produces top-quality content for you.

The latter option allows you to work with a videographer you trust and generate a consistent flow of new video content. And on the other end, this type of agreement gives your videographer a consistent source of income.

Tips For Cultivating Your Videography Skills

While hiring a real estate videographer is a worthwhile investment, you can save time and money in the long run by taking on this role.

With a video camera, a tripod (or other form of stabilizer), and some type of editing software, you can film, edit, and distribute a real estate video without spending outside of your means.

Whether you have limited or extensive experience with videography, you can cultivate the necessary skills over time to bring video production fully in-house.

If youíre looking to further develop your skills, this video offers advice on getting started from the perspective of someone who shoots real estate videography for a living.

Video Marketing Is Smart Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents stand to benefit from producing and distributing video content across various social and online channels. And itís evident why.

78% of marketers in one survey reported a direct correlation between more video content and an increase in sales.

By investing in video production, you can generate new leads, strengthen client relationships, and cultivate a good reputation as a real estate agent at the same time.

In doing so, you demonstrate your willingness to put in the extra effort to aid prospective clients in the home buying process.

Mackenzie is a copywriter at Soundstripe, a music licensing company that provides filmmakers with royalty free background music.