Piramal Realty – Building High-Rise Landmarks in Maharashtra

Building High-Rise

With the expanding housing market, the real estate developers, envision high-rise projects to provide more people in a limited coverage area. The high-rise buildings offer both affordable and luxury apartments depending on the size and amenities provided by the developer, along with the project location.

So, if you are one of the numerous homebuyers planning to spend in a high-rise apartment in India, here is one business institution on which you can entirely rely.

Piramal Realty: Real Estate Brand

Since 2012, Piramal Realty of Piramal Group has enriched lives by establishing gold standards for client-centricity, structural design, character, and safety. Piramal Group’s legacy of faithful stewardship for individual and community growth, as well as the Group’s steadfast commitment, is displayed in its actions as its expansion arm. The empathetic rendezvous with customers guarantees that their requirements are continuously met and surpassed, presenting Piramal Realty developments that extend possibilities to flourish.

Piramal Group is a global enterprise conglomerate with business affairs including Pharma, Financial Services, Glass Packaging, Information Management, and Real Estate. It has facilities in 30 nations, a brand appearance in over 100 markets, and a global contingent of over 10,000 people spanning around 21 different nationalities.

At Piramal Group, the purpose and values are significant drivers of the culture and ethos. The values have helped them develop a reputation of integrity, customer-centricity, and long-term value creation for all their stakeholders. The Group aspires to create a positive impact on society with each endeavor.

Property in Thane

In recent years, Thane has surfaced as one of the most favored destinations for homebuyers in and neighboring Mumbai. This concern in Thane has much more to do with the locale’s built-in advantages than the obstruction of other suburbs around Mumbai city. Mumbaikars on the scout for a greener, more distinct neighborhood, affordable housing, and more possibilities for growth and development have discovered a veritable cache trove here.

Even before pandemic days, the transformation of Thane from crowded suburbia to a neighborhood that draws new economic establishments, institutions, hospitals, malls, and residential communities, has been truly astounding. Mumbai’s sheer rentals and allied prices have provoked businesses to relocate to Thane at a phenomenal rate. The new contemporaries of Mumbaikars, too, have been attracted to this suburb, due in great measure to the vast green spaces, the ability to walk or cycle to work and find better living conditions for themselves and their families. 

As we began to shroud the new normal, the closely gathered, clustered, and congested former residential neighborhoods of Mumbai will no longer help us. The importance of quality of life has expanded the demand for spacious homes in central places of Thane. Most of us now hate the notion of availing public transport. Work from home, online classes and universities, and secure access to markets, plazas, and hospitals prioritize. Thane’s distinction as the home buyer’s brand-new destination is only initiated to skyrocket in the months to come. In Thane, you will be ready to afford luxurious apartments in communities with several amenities such as jogging paths and parks, and swimming pools. 

Piramal Vaikunth: New Property in Thane

Piramal Vaikunth is spread across 32* acres of premium mixed-use development in Thane. The majestic towers are set in a lush green habitat that offers a fulfilling sense of community living with the broadest range of state-of-the-art amenities. Piramal Vaikunth houses residences that have been beautifully designed, setting the highest standards of luxury living in the neighborhood by building a Sustainable Home with Thoughtful Designs and Practices having Rainwater harvesting to Optimum use rainwater to reduce the overall water demand. It has solar lighting planned in common landscaped areas to reduce electricity consumption. Solid waste management and Sewage treatment plants help provide landscape gardening & flushing, thereby reducing the overall freshwater demand. For the first five years, the environment management facilities team will manage special facilities, thus ensuring efficient functionality.

Final Thoughts 

Thane, a metropolitan city in Maharashtra, is located in the northeastern part of Salsette Island. Thane city is undividedly within Thane taluka, one of the seven talukas of the Thane region; also, it is the headquarters of the namesake district. Not to mention, Thane already possesses excellent rail connectivity. The Bullet Train service and the Line 4 Mumbai Metro are likely to be soon introduced.

As a result, Thane’s popularity and demand are upswings, and home hunters from Mumbai and even the rest of the state are looking forward to making Thane their new home. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to buy a new property for your near and dear ones with a trusted business institution like Piramal Realty.