Mudjacking Vs. Foam Jacking- Two Options of Concrete Lifting


Is your home concrete sinking? It’s not good news. However, you won’t have to spend many bucks on a concrete replacement as two fast repair processes are foam jacking and mudjacking. It’s time to know more about both options.


It’s a traditional method of lifting concrete. In this method, big holes are drilled in the pavement, and cement slurry is injected into these holes. After holes are filled, hydraulic pressure is used to lift the concrete. This method was first used in 1930, and since then, it’s used for commercial and residential buildings. This process is still in use for highway concrete and pathway repair.

Foam Jacking

In 1980, companies started using polyurethane as an alternative to ground. The two-part foam expands and gives a lifting effect. Today, many contractors offer concrete lifting services in Charleston. They usually apply the latest foam jacking method as it’s super effective. Although material cost is high, labor and machinery cost is low, so overall getting this service doesn’t require breaking the bank.

Benefits of Foam Jacking

Here are some benefits that make this option more desirable than mudjacking.

Prevent moisture buildup: There are many benefits of concrete lifting with foam jacking. For example, this mixture doesn’t retain moisture. Thereby, contractors use it where frost is quite common because of uneven concrete driveway and pathways.

Solid form and shape: The reason for preferring foam jacking over mudjacking is that foam retains its shape. Thereby, new voids won’t appear beneath concrete over time. Polyurethane foam can support up to 6000 square pounds per foot. Thereby, it is an ultimate solution for fixing highway and commercial building concrete issues like gaps, cracks, etc.

Quick solution: Mudjacking is a time-consuming process. Once the contractor is done, you can’t use the space for a few days. It’s not the case with foam jacking. You can start using concrete slabs from the very next hour after repairs are completed. So, when you need a quick and efficient solution of sunken concrete, spend a little more money and avail of Charleston Foundation experts services.

Invisible – Many homeowners don’t like it when repairs become visible. During mudjacking, big holes are drilled that are noticeable after repair. The plus point of foam jacking as a concrete lifting process requires few and small holes. So, no one will notice that you have got a concrete repair.

What to Choose?

Finally, you know about mudjacking and foam jacking as two methods of repairing uneven concrete or dealing with cracks in your concrete slabs. If you are tight on budget, a traditional method would suit your needs but require you to seek another replacement after some years. Besides, repair signs will be prominent. In case you need a semi-permanent solution for uneven concrete floors, you should go with foam jacking. It might cost more, but your whole repair will remain unnoticeable. This method is a quick fix as your floors will lift and become smooth in less than a day.