How to list property on Airbnb

list property

The housing market in the world is developing rapidly. In these conditions, people have the opportunity to give free premises for rent to vacationers. With a serious approach to this business, you can earn decently. To rent out a property, you do not need to look for many options. The Airbnb service has been successfully operating for several years. Here you can find many advantages:

  • the ability to rent anything to Airbnb: house, cottage, tent, room, basement;
  • meeting people from other countries;
  • free placement of ads;
  • the opportunity for the owners to determine the prices for rent independently;
  • search for housing in the database in many ways;
  • availability of the “Host Guarantee” program for damages up to 1 000 000 US dollars.

Owners need to keep in mind that not all countries and cities with which Airbnb cooperates have the same rules for renting premises. Before renting out real estate, you should study the local laws regarding tourism.

How to mark an ad on Airbnb

First you need to register on the site. This procedure does not take much time. On the site in the right corner at the top you find the button “Rent your home”. Click it. In the proposed form, you need to choose the type of housing. It can be a house, cottage, apartment or something else.

In the other section, your attention is offered a number of options for rent: a cave, a hallway, a hut, a treehouse and so on. You can rent not only entire rooms, but also parts up to a separate bed. The next steps indicate how many people the room is designed for and in what country and city it is located. Click “Continue”. The ad is ready.

But you should not stop there. Pay attention to neighboring ads. You can see photos, descriptions of housing and additional services on them. The presentation of your home influences the number of people who want to live in it.

What can you do to bring more tourists? First of all, you should fill in six columns in the ad:

  • Calendar. Here you should specify how many times you are going to rent out housing. You can pass once and remove the ad. If you wish, you can repeat this option. This is convenient for those who are just trying themselves on the service. The option is also good for those who leave home for a while and want to make money on rent before returning. If you decide to create an Airbnb business, we advise you to choose the options “always” or “sometimes”. Special software allows to simplify the booking process and manage multiple Airbnb accounts. Read more on https://www.hostyapp.com/airbnb-multi-calendar.
  • Prices. The price of your home depends on you. But it has to be real. Look at similar ads to properly rate your accommodation. Keep in mind that the site adds to the total price a small service fee for guests and a cleaning fee. Prices can be indicated for different rental periods.
  • Review. A good description of the dwelling will attract more guests, and make your work easier. The more information you give to potential customers, the fewer questions remain unclear. Describe the location, the view, the facilities of public transport, the proximity of places for entertainment and attractions. Write about what you are willing to offer guests.
  • Photographs. This is one of the most important points. Only colorful high-quality photos interest tourists. Do not spare some money and invite a good master. A professional will be able to reflect the best of your home. Good photos will receive the status of “Airbnb Verified Photo”, which will increase the interest and trust of users.This is followed by an optional “Facilities” item. But it’s better to fill it out.
  • Announcement. At this point, specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can describe the accommodation in more detail.
  • Location. Here you need to specify the exact and full address of the room. There is no need to worry about safety. Your address will be shown only to those who have already paid for accommodation. All you have to do is confirm your booking request. Your ad is published. Wait for messages.

The most important factors in ranking listings on Airbnb

When searching for the right rental option, the service considers hundreds of factors. Not everyone is equally effective. Here are three main selection criteria:

  • Guest wishes. To determine the reaction of tourists to ads, several factors have to be taken into account. The main are two. The first is the number of clicks in the search engine. And the second is booking requests on the ad pages. The decision of the guest in this case largely depends on the quality of the design.
  • Self-evaluation of the ad. When ranking, the number of trips and guest reviews are important. In order for the announcement to take a high position, the ratings of tourists must be positive. If someone forgot to leave a review, it does not always affect the ranking. An important factor is the price. It should accurately reflect the realities of the local market.
  • Superhost status does not give priorities when searching, but the indicators by which it is assigned matter. To motivate novice owners, the service puts their ads in the first positions.
  • Convenience of booking for tourists. Travelers who liked the service return to Airbnb. Therefore, in the first positions are those owners who quickly respond to messages. The optimal response time is considered to be within 24 hours. A large number of booking refusals negatively affect the ranking. If these are isolated cases, they do not affect the position in the search. An important factor that increases the ability to climb higher is the quick booking function.

The ranking system is always in search of the best options for the selection of housing. Over time, the factors that influence rankings can be adjusted.