Fascinating Features that Define a Typical Luxury Home in Naples

Typical Luxury Home

The definition of a dream home will differ for many people. And not every dream home is a luxurious one. However, most people classify a dream home as a luxury home – maybe because of its uniqueness. 

What makes a luxury home expensive, distinct, and lavish are its unique features – facilities, finishes, and amenities. Nowadays, many luxury properties in Naples come with exclusive features that make your dream home peculiar.  

These high-end features constitute part of the reasons why many people are looking to purchase a luxury home in Naples, FL. But only a few people know what makes a luxury home luxurious. If you find yourself among the many that wonder what makes up a luxury home, you’re in the right place. Without further ado, the following are the qualities that define a typical luxury home:

Swimming Pool 

A swimming pool is one of the basic features you’ll see on most luxurious properties, and they’re usually of various sizes – depending on property size most times. Yes, the average home may have a pool, but it’s taken to another level when it comes to luxury homes. 

A swimming pool in a luxury home may sport celestial lighting, detailed architecture, and a larger surface area. These swimming pools are usually beyond ordinary. And a great many of them feature one or more jacuzzi. 

Home Bar 

Another notable feature of a luxury home is the custom bar area. Most times, the bar area is crafted into the corner of one of the bigger rooms in the house. In some cases, an entire room can be dedicated to the bar. 

Large Rooms

For a long time, large living areas have been one of the distinct features of luxury homes – and they still are. The space allows for the dedication of different rooms for specific purposes, such as art studio, entertainment area, or games room.

However, some homes come with all features, like a games room and study area, already. Nevertheless, the space allocated to such rooms is usually massive. 

Gardens with Rare Plants

Luxury homes speak elegance and class. That’s the reason why you won’t find its features in a typical household. Owning a garden may seem less of a big deal to you. However, gardens with expensive plants are one of the features that define a luxury home in Naples.

Often, owners of luxury homes import dozens of rare plants to add to their gardens. It’s aesthetics and a way to make the house live up to its title.

Security and Privacy

Owning a luxury home suggests that you have nice stuff that can attract unwanted attention. For a multimillion-dollar home, you should know it has state-of-the-art security features. Many mansions in Naples, Florida, are potential targets for burglars.

Thieves are always after luxury. As a luxury home, security is one feature that doesn’t starve luxury homes in Naples. Keeping contents secure and out of sight of thieves is a priority in luxury homes. Many luxury homes have a central alarm system, underground bunkers, and automatic lockdown protocols. 

Interior Finish

You’ll agree with me that luxury homes feature some lavish décor that leaves you astonished. And these finishes are usually inspired by international architecture and décor styles. From the placement of artworks to the fireplace design and the furniture in these homes, you’d perceive only one thing: Luxury. 

Top-Notch Kitchens

If the kitchen is a home’s heart, then luxury homes have a strong pulse. Many people looking at villas for sale in Naples, Florida, recede from any further inspection if the home lacks a chef’s kitchen. 

A chef’s kitchen goes beyond a spacious area with first-class appliances. It must have a plan that allows for easier culinary activities when more than one cook is in the kitchen. Other features found in kitchens of luxury homes include:

  • Heating drawers
  • Island sinks
  • Large and beautiful countertops
  • A plethora of things you wouldn’t find in a traditional kitchen

Smart Home Features 

An intelligent home is crafted with network-integrated systems, equipment, and appliances that can be automated and controlled remotely. Buying a luxury home equates to purchasing comfort. 

Many luxury homes employ smart features like a mobile app-controlled security system, automated curtains, timer-set light, motion sensor lighting, a smart thermostat, and many more. These features vary from one luxury property to another, bringing about the uniqueness of luxury properties. 

Spa Standard Bathrooms

Undoubtedly, the bathroom serves a utilitarian purpose. However, many people consider it a place of relaxation too. The bathrooms in luxury homes are of the same standard as some professional spas. Not only do they have separate showers, but they also sport saunas, steam rooms, and entertainment systems.

Cinema and Game Rooms

It’s no longer a shocker that the majority of luxury homes in Naples feature in-house cinemas. This is a feature you’ll most likely never find in a regular house. If you’re going to pay handsomely for a home, you should be ready for an executive lifestyle. 

Imagine how beautiful it’d be to step into a cinema to see a movie with your family without leaving the comfort of your home. Surprisingly, wealthy homeowners are looking to take the in-house fun activities to another level. 

Some luxury homes now feature standard-sized indoor basketball courts, indoor pools, and an excellent sports arena with bar set-ups and entertainment systems. And this is one of the reasons why many people dream of owning a luxury home in Naples. The builder’s goal is to create a space where the homeowners will seldom feel the need to leave the comfort of their homes. 

Home Gymnasium

Luxury is when you have a home gym that offers all facilities you enjoy in a regular gym. The wealthy – most times – don’t have the time to go to the gym every day. So, the best option is to bring the gym inside your home. 

Dressing Room 

As far as any luxury home in Naples is concerned, wardrobes are archaic. Instead, luxury homes feature dressing rooms. And they are extensions of the bedroom. Many refer to the dressing rooms as walk-in closets. 

Walk-in closets sit among the top priorities of wealthy women. It gives them enough room to display their expensive clothes and accessories. This area of the room is usually categorized. 

Shelves and racks are fixated on the dressing room walls to create separate compartments for bags, shoes, jewelry, make-up, and many more. 


The list of features that depicts a luxury home is endless. However, you’ll find many of the above-listed features in the modern luxury homes in Naples, Florida. And it is best to know that several elements of some luxury homes are subjective to the individual’s wants.

Whether you’re looking for luxury waterfront homes for sale in Naples, Florida, or a mansion with a view of the green, know that you’re paying top dollar for a comfortable lifestyle. Contact Maggie Ives today to get the best deals on luxury homes for sale in Naples. As a seasoned realtor, Maggie has deep knowledge of the Florida real estate market and is highly experienced in helping her clients own luxury homes in Naples.