Can I Cancel My Wyndham Timeshare Purchase Without a Lawyer?


Despite the fact that consumer protection laws exist to protect timeshare owners against misleading sales practices commonly used by prominent timeshare groups, it is still not easy for buyers to get rid of a contractual agreement without a proper strategy.

According to LinxLegal, a company that specializes in Wyndham timeshare cancellation, “The timeshare industry has been in business for over 55 years, and they have spent that time perfecting the art of selling overpriced, worthless resort weeks to thousands of people who, over time, cannot afford them.”

If you think you have been trapped into purchasing a Wyndham timeshare and you’re seriously looking to get rid of it (without paying the hefty lawyer’s fees), you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to know about the right to cancel the Wyndham Timeshare contract without any legal assistance.

Canceling Your Wyndham Timeshare Contract Within Rescission Period

Generally, all prominent timeshare options give the right to the purchasers to get rid of the contract within the ‘cooling-off’ period. 

The cooling-off period is also known as the rescission period (usually comprising 3-15 days that enables buyers to cancel the agreement without any legal consequences and money loss.

State law generally needs this information to be included in a timeshare agreement. Also, this right is non-waivable in most of the cases, which means the timeshare group can’t ask the buyer to give up this right.

Tips on Legally Getting Out of a Wyndham Timeshare Contract without a Lawyer

Know Your Options

When getting out of a timeshare agreement, you generally have a choice between cancelation or termination.

You cancel your contract when you’re looking to back out through a breach. Both cancelation and termination work in the same manner except for the fact that you have an unperformed balance, which is retained by the cancelation party.

Termination of a timeshare contract, on the other hand, happens when you’re looking to terminate your contract for other reasons.

Take Advantage of a Rescission Period

Most of the timeshare contracts end up in a buyer’s remorse considering the fact that they come with ambiguous and deceptive terms and conditions.

If you’ve just bought your Wyndham Timeshare contract, it may still be in the rescission period. The cooling-off phase is the best time during which you can cancel your contract as after that the company might have you believe that you cannot terminate the contract and that you’re bound to pay the elevating annual fees for ownership.

Here, it is important to understand that even if you didn’t cancel your timeshare contract within the cooling-off period, you can still get out of the contract using timeshare exit companies and timeshare realtors. But yes, the process becomes considerably more difficult.

Find a Reliable Timeshare Exit Company

You can easily get rid of a timeshare contract if you make your decision during the grace period. The process is pretty simple too. All you need to do is write a winning Wyndham Timeshare cancelation letter, and you’re good to go.

Essentials of a Wyndham Timeshare Cancelation Letter

A Wyndham Timeshare cancelation letter generally includes the following information:

  • Date
  • The buyers name (exactly the same as it is mentioned in the timeshare contract)
  • Details about the purchaser’s address, contact number, and email ID
  • Name and details about the timeshare company
  • The timeshare description as stated in the timeshare paperwork
  • The date and day the timeshare was purchased
  • Statement showing that the buyer is willing to cancel out the contract

As a general rule, the purchasers do not have to specify the reason for canceling the contract. However, your state law might need you to provide specific information to include in the cancelation letter.

But if the rescission period is over, and you want to cancel your Wyndham Timeshare, you may need to look for other options that can help you get rid of a timeshare contract without any difficulty.

As mentioned above, hiring a lawyer could be an expensive affair. Also, finding an experienced lawyer with proven timeshare expertise isn’t as easy as it may sound.

Timeshare realtors can be a good option, but not everyone can benefit from them as they generally prefer projects in which high-valued property is involved.

Timeshare exit companies can make this entire cancelation process a breeze (provided that you choose the reliable option).

Make sure you know your ownership rights before you invest your hard-earned money into a timeshare contract. Do your research about the best timeshare options that offer flexible contracts to protect the owner’s rights. You must also have complete knowledge about the best timeshare exit companies so that you can immediately contact one if you want to get rid of a contract after a cooling-off period.

There you have it. Have more questions? Drop them below, and we’ll revert at our earliest. All the best!