7 Things That Make Hinesburg VT An Interesting Place To Live In

Sunrise in Vermont

Although considered urban by Vermont state definitions, Hinesburg continues to draw in people from different parts of the globe. This small town is located in the northwestern region of Vermont and is known to showcase luscious green farmlands along the LaPlatte River.

However, you shouldn’t be deceived by the size of Hinesburg because even though it’s small, it’s still one of the more interesting places to live in Vermont. In fact, moving to this town might be the key to improve the quality of your life!

To paint a clearer picture of how interesting Hinesburg, Vermont is, consider the points below:

1. Booming Housing Market

Because most of the residents in Hinesburg are families, the town’s housing market continues to increase at a steady rate. Growing families would often work with home-buying companies like Burlington House Buyers Hinesburg, to sell their properties and then upgrade to a bigger home.

Aside from house upgrades made by residents, Hinesburg is also known to offer homes with different architectural styles. When moving to this town, you can choose to buy or rent log homes, farmhouses, contemporary homes, and bungalows—the options are endless!

2. One Of The Safest Places In America

Do you often worry about the safety of your family? Are you scared that your family will become victims of crimes? Moving to Hinesburg, Vermont will surely reduce your anxiety because it’s one of the safest places in America.

The crime rate of Hinesburg is 13.15 per 1,000 people in a year—a far cry from the U.S.’s average crime rate, which is 41.29 per 1,000 residents. The east part of the town is the safest as there is virtually no crime happening in the area.

Welcome sign of the state of Vermont

3. Low Population Density

While some people love to live in highly populated areas, others would prefer the opposite. If you belong to the latter, you should definitely consider living in Hinesburg, Vermont because it has a low population density.

With only 772 residents reported in 2019, living in Hinesburg means lesser crowds and non-existent traffic jams. Because of its small population and access to modern amenities, Hinesburg is one of the best places in Vermont to raise a family and retire.

4. Encourages Simple Life

Living a simple life has many benefits, but not everyone has the opportunity to pursue this goal. Large cities often house international companies that encourage residents to buy more or do more in order to be happy. This kind of lifestyle is expensive and stressful.

If you want to live a simple life, moving to Hinesburg should be part of your bucket list. Instead of seeing huge billboards on the road, Hinesburg has farms stacked up next to each other. There are also no malls or outlet complexes in this town as its residents prefer the general store shopping experience.

5. Access To Fresh food

Aside from several general stores, Hinesburg also prides itself to adopt a farm-to-table lifestyle. Farmers’ markets and residents growing food in their own backyard are common scenarios in Hinesburg. This town also has access to some of the freshest seafood!

Because of the abundance of fresh food in Hinesburg, eating fresh and staying healthy will come off easier.

6. Offers Outdoor Activities All Year Round

Hinesburg might be a small town in Vermont, but it’s a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. This town has access to rivers, lakes, mountains, and forests that offer outdoor activities all year round.

Do you want to explore nature with your friends and family? Sign up for private mountain bike lessons. Are you looking for an outdoor location where the entire family can have fun? Visit the Hinesburg Town Forest and choose from different outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, wildlife viewing, riding ATVs, and hiking.

7. Fosters Love For All Generations

Most of the community events taking place in Hinesburg involve every family member. Participating in these activities regularly will instill positive values in children and encourage them to always respect elders. Adults, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to bond with their children and make happy memories with them.

The love for all generations shown by Hinesburg to its residents creates a trickledown effect that fosters respect and love for every member of the community.

Ready To Move To Hinesburg, VT?

Living in Hinesburg, Vermont, gives you the best of everything—from being able to choose a wide variety of real estate properties to providing a safe living environment for the family.

If you think Hinesburg is the perfect place of residence for your family, start looking for a property and professional moving company. The sooner you tick these tasks off your list, the sooner you can enjoy everything Hinesburg has to offer!