5 Exterior Home Renovations That Increase Home Value

Exterior Home Renovations

Before you sell a property, itís best to take the time to improve it a bit and thus make sure that it reaches the proper value in the real estate market. In most cases, this isnít about large reparations and redesign, but about small and visible changes.

Itís the exterior that has the biggest impact on the visitors and potential buyers because thatís how they get the first impression of your home. These small renovations will help you get the most out of that impression.


Front yard landscaping is something you need to pay special attention to because if itís not organized and neat, it can make even the most beautiful home look bad. Thereís no need to go overboard in this regard, the main thing to worry about is that the lawn is mowed and the brushes are neat. Itís also useful to keep a clean walkway that leads to your front door. It will direct the attention to the entrance itself and center your home from the point of the view of the visitor.

The front door

The front door will probably leave the strongest impression on the visitor so you need to use it to set a theme for your whole home. Donít hesitate to make the door noticeable and a bit flashy. Bright colors such as strong, dark red are a good way to go. Also, once youíve gone through the trouble of picking the right color, you should make sure that the door is well lit and framed with some decorations, possibly plants on both sides of the door. This isnít just about impressions Ė heavy front doors also mean better insulation and smaller energy bills.

The roof

Fixing up the roof is probably the most important repair on our list because it goes far beyond making the home look better. A leaking roof could significantly lower the price of your property because it will require the new owner to repair it. Itís best to rent portable scaffolding and inspect the roof every year or so. This should be done at the right time. Seasons with a lot of rain are not suited for roof repairs so you need to deal with it before it causes any leaks. For the most part, the repairs will only require changing a few shingles.

A patio

A patio can be a great addition to a modern family home. If you have a nice yard and add a patio so that it is close to the kitchen, it can become a place to entertain guests and have small backyard parties. If thatís not your style, a patio can be used just as a place to relax and unwind after a long day. Itís a relatively large project, but it does not need to be expensive. Itís enough to keep the patio covered and to make sure you have a comfy set of chairs that you can take out when the weather allows it.

Keeping things simple

Have in mind that when youíre selling a home, youíre selling the life the new owners imagine having in that property. Thatís why itís sometimes better to make your home as simple as possible and allow the future owner to project their plans on it. When it comes to the outdoors, this mostly means that you should remove features that require too much work and maintenance. Too much work required to keep the property could be off-putting for new homeowners. This includes ponds, fountains and fire features if you have any.


With a few exterior changes, you can transform your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. These are usually small makeovers and focus on the aesthetic, but in some cases, like when it comes to roof repairs, they are also about making sure youíre selling a home with no hidden faults.

Try to think about it from the perspective of the potential home buyer and make changes in accordance with what would make the home more appealing to them. This often means making the property less complicated and easier to maintain so that the new owner could make it their own.