30+ Free Family & Kids Stock Photos

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If you are looking for appropriate family stock photos, this article will come in handy. Nowadays, it takes a lot of time to find the right stock photo that matches your needs. So why donít you save this amount of time?

We have gathered 30 free family & kids stock photos for you and your colleagues. Each photo is taken from the visionpic.net website. It means that they are made by professional photographers who are the best in their fields. Without further ado, letís get started.

  1. This photo is perfect for showing unity and team spirit. It depicts the hands of a father, a mother, and their little son. There are yellow leaves on the ground, which means it’s late autumn on the street.

2. The young family is enjoying the beautiful view. What could be better than spending time with your loved one in the middle of the mountains? Probably only that you are surrounded by nature, greenery, and wonderful weather.


3. This photograph depicts a little boy standing by the sea. He holds a toy in his hands and enjoys the sunset. The sky is completely displayed on the surface of the water without a single cloud.


4. This photo shows a boy and his grandmother making a ceramic jug together. They are wearing appropriate robes and hats. But all the same, they got dirty in the material and, it seems, are happy about it.


5. This photo shows a mom and son getting ready to ride a bike. It can be clearly seen that they are excited and very happy that they will finally have fun together. These moments are the most precious thing we have.


6. This photograph shows a small child running along the coast. Behind him is a blue ocean with small waves. This photo charges with lightness and positiveness, so both you and your subscribers will definitely like it.


7. This photograph shows a small child and a dog lying on the green grass. The child turned into a blanket so as not to catch a cold. With this photo, you will show the power of unity between animals and children.


8. In this photo, you see a young family having fun together. Mom, dad, and their little daughter are sitting at the table waiting for dinner. It gives us such positive vibes!


9. This photo shows two brothers lying on the bed and hugging each other. Remember the last time you hugged your brother or sister? This photo will help you remember the most pleasant moments with loved ones.


10. This photo shows a mother and two sons sculpting sand figurines. They are sitting by the sea dressed up in bathing suits. Well, it seems like they will jump into the water pretty soon.


11. Pay attention to this cute photo. It depicts a little boy who swims in the pool. He is wearing a very cute panama hat that protects him from the Sun.


12. There is nothing better than spending time with your family in the Carpathians. This photograph shows a young family of husband and wife. They have fun and enjoy life together. And what else to do when the weather is so nice?


13. This photo shows mom, daughter, and grandmother all dressed in white. They are enjoying the weekend on this beautiful summer day. Everyone is full of happiness and joy.


14. Breakfast time is a great opportunity to start a day with your loved ones. This photo shows a mom and son eating breakfast together. There is a lot of different delicious food on the table but they are opting for pancakes with cottage cheese.


15. This photo shows a young guy swimming in the pool. He put on his swimming goggles, so we are sure that diving cannot be avoided. So what’s wrong with that if the child is having fun?

This picture is absolutely free for both personal and business use.


16. This photo shows a family enjoying the sunset on a beautiful summer day. Mom, dad, and two beautiful children are catching positive summer vibes. Feel free to download and use this cute picture!


17. Just look at this cute little girl in brightly colored clothes. She is sitting between her parents and seems to be looking very happy. This full family is going to be even happier with time.


18. Have you ever fallen asleep during a lesson? This photo depicts a guy who fell asleep right on the desk. Hopefully, the teacher doesn’t notice. But you can download this photo right now if you like it.


  1. 19. This photo shows three small children playing with a dog on the grass. Cute little boys are so excited to spend time with an animal they love. This photo explains the unity between children and animals.

20. This photo shows little baby feet wearing funny socks. Actually, nothing is cuter than baby feet, especially those of a toddler. Also, there is a trinket this baby is playing with.


21. This photo depicts a pretty little boy with a ball in his hand on a summer day. He looks so excited and joyful. It perfectly conveys the positive atmosphere of the photo.


22. Consider using this photo of a young mother with her little son. They are dressed up pretty warm so it seems like it’s autumn outside. How cute do they look together?


23. This is a photo of a child running along the green grass. He is watching the sunset somewhere in a village. When you look at this picture, you can smell summer and family happiness.


24. In this photo, you can see a little boy sitting near a fireplace. He is playing with different toys and lamps. This photo conveys the atmosphere of winter holidays, snug, and solitude.


25. This photo depicts a young family having fun in the pool. It’s summertime so everybody just wants to forget about the problems and relax. If you have the same thoughts, go download this beautiful picture.


26. A father and son are having so much fun at the ranch. It shows that these two love each other and they are a real family. You can see nothing but happiness at this picture.


27. Here is a young mother with a baby in the autumn park. It’s cold outside but they have warmth in their hearts. This photo proves that we are always stronger when we are together.


28. This picture depicts a child with a toy car in his hands. It is minimalistic yet very cute. You can use this free stock photo for both personal and commercial purposes.


29. In this photo, you can see a family on a walk under an umbrella during the rain. A mom and her son are walking across the park and enjoying beautiful autumn weather. Nothing is missing!


30. Here is a young guy with a skateboard on his shoulder. Despite his age, he already looks stylish and conscious. And check out the paintings in the background, arenít they good?


Here is a young guy with a skateboard on his shoulder. Despite his age, he already looks stylish and conscious. And check out the paintings in the background, arenít they good?

So, these were 30+ free family & kids stock photos for you. We were trying to pick up the best pictures that do not look obtrusive. Keep in mind that every photo is free to download. Still, you can do some editing to improve the image.

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