You Can’t Buy Friendship: How To Adopt A Dog

dog as friend

Dogs are among the most loving, smart, and faithful creatures on the planet. Anyone who’s ever had a dog can confirm that the joy your pet brings is just incomparable. When people make up their minds that this radiant creature will appear at home, they usually decide to buy it. Nevertheless, before buying a dog, we suggest that you consider adopting one.

The number of these beautiful creatures in local shelters is so huge that you are bound to find a friend who will be perfect for you. However, no matter what kind of dog you adopt, the ability to think fast is vital; otherwise, all of your furniture will be spoiled. You can practice your thinking in a fast and creative way, alongside with having fun and maybe even making money, by playing games of chance. If you’re a sports fan, you can choose the best sport themed slots to play at NativeCasinos. This website provides you with detailed descriptions of online casinos so that you can see which one is reliable.

So, if you’d like to adopt a dog, here’s what you need to do:

Decide which age the dog should be

There is no one single answer to the question of which dog is better: a puppy or an adult one. In each case, there are pros and cons, and it all depends on you and your willingness to devote time to the dog, and on the animal itself, its temper and circumstances of its life before the shelter.

Here are things to keep in mind:

  • it’s easier to bring up a puppy the way you want since it’s hard to change the older dog’s temper;
  • a puppy does not usually have a traumatic experience, unlike its older fellows;
  • however, you can’t change the genes of the puppy, and sometimes some negative genes start being visible later;
  • the puppy will require all of your attention: you’ll have to teach him not to spoil furniture and where to relieve itself;
  • an obvious plus of an adult dog is its independence. An adult animal, as a rule, knows several commands, knows how to interact with a human.

Now that you know how old you want your future dog to be, we can move on.

Start preparing for adoption and visiting shelters

Decide what the dog is for and where it will live. Small dogs are ideal for the apartment. Large dogs that bark loudly can guard a private home.

You need to find a shelter where you can get a puppy or a dog, or just visit several shelters in your city. Pay attention to the conditions in which the dogs live: is it crowded, are there any heated enclosures in the shelter, is the veterinarian visiting the shelter. It wouldn’t also be superfluous to read reviews about the shelters on the Internet or to contact people who have already taken animals from there. Just like reading thorough reviews about online casinos at NativeCasinos will lead you to the best choice of a gambling site, the shelter reviews will help you figure out which shelter is trustworthy and willing to lend you a helping hand.

When you choose a suitable shelter, be prepared to visit it several times.

Find “your” dog

Sometimes love at first sight happens – you see the dog, you go to the shelter, and you take it. In another case, you may need a few dates to see if the friendship will develop. During such meetings, you can walk with the dog outside the shelter, play, and see where your relationship is going. You can come there with your children or with another dog if you have one. You may take the dog home for a few days.

 Shelter workers pay attention to how the dog reacts to its potential owner – how socialized it is, whether it follows your commands.

To conclude

If you’ve decided to get a dog, you can find a new friend at the animal shelter. You need to decide on the dog’s size and age, start reading about shelters and visiting them, and then, finally, take your doggy home.

Image credit: dog as friend via Zakharova_Elena/shutterstock