What Makes Dubia Roaches a Nutritious Feed for Your Pet?

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Dubia roaches have been emerging in the feeder insect market as the go-to option for pet owners. They are quickly becoming the most preferred feeder insects for reptiles, arachnids, amphibians and many other insect-eating pets.

What really attracts these insects is that they’re nutritional to other feeders. They are the most nutritious insects available in the market. You can easily breed it at home or buy it from reputable online pet shops like TopFlight Dubia.

These insects are packed with so many vital nutrients; however, they aren’t more widely known by the public. In addition to nutritional superiority, animals love them. They’re easy to maintain and have an excellent digestive tract which seems to be made out of gut loading. However, that’s just the beginning.

Dubia Roach’s Nutrition is Outstanding

Insectivorous animals like reptiles require a healthy dose of protein for their complete development. Dubia roaches are at the top of the list when it comes to providing nutrition. The nutritional requirement for reptiles varies depending on the type. Generally, Dubia roaches give nearly 61% protein everyday prerequisite to your pet.

Some carnivorous reptiles require 30 to 50% crude protein daily. Omnivorous reptiles need 20-25% of crude protein while herbivores need only 18-22%.

Dubia roaches are also low in fat and chitin. By weight, their nutrition is superior, and you can give 2 to 3 similarly sized roaches to your animals instead of offering ten crickets every day.

Here are some more reasons for choosing Dubia roaches.


Dubia roaches are ranked on the top of the feeder insect list for protein. They contain nearly 54% protein as per DMB (Dry Matter Basis). They’re full of protein and seem to be enough for any captive insectivorous animals.

Good Quality and high-protein insects are not a luxury, but they’re a necessity. Dubia roaches additionally meet many scientific literature and companies like TopFlight Dubia’s high-quality protein standard.

Nutrition Density

Every day we want our animals to consume as many growth and health-promoting nutrients as they can. Water is another essential part of that, and feeder insects play a vital role in hydration.

If your pet refuses to drink water and become dehydrated, you can switch to high protein Dubia roaches.


Chitin adds structural rigidity to an arthropod’s hard exoskeleton. It represents a lost opportunity to consume something healthier and full of nutrition. The more chitin your animals eat, the few essential nutrients they will get. Thus, they require little chitin, not too much.

Dubia roaches also have one-third amount of chitin compared to cockroaches which makes them easier to digest.


Dubia roaches also satisfy a big chunk of your pet’s calcium needs. They contain around 560 mg/kg calcium than any other feeder insects. Getting enough calcium helps animals to avoid any metabolic bone disease. However, reptiles need to consume more supplemental calcium, and some reputable pet sellers like TopFlight Dubia recommend adding that by dusting them or feeding them with calcium powder.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are found to be more plentiful in Dubia roaches and other relevant species.

All-Around Nutrition

The biggest challenge for insectivore nutrition is to find out a complete and balanced food source. It is quite difficult to find a single insect meeting all animal’s nutritional needs.

Dubia roaches are considered nutritionally complete feeder insects that satisfy all nutritional needs. They contain different supplements with vitamins, minerals and other insects. This, in itself, is a substantial dietary advantage.

Furthermore, they are easier to maintain and more convenient:

  • They are silent.
  • They don’t smell.
  • They don’t climb
  • They require less maintenance and live for a long time.
  • They won’t infest your home as they’re tropical species of roaches that require high heat and humidity to breed.

As a result of a fresh, wholesome, and varied diet, Dubia roaches contain the right balance of minerals, vitamins, and proteins your pet requires for optimum health.

You can feed a primary organic vegetarian diet for getting quality roaches so that they can receive different grain and fresh fruit or vegetables daily.

Dubia roaches also love oranges, carrots, broccoli stems, and yams. They have symbiotic bacteria in their gut which helps them to digest cellulose in fruits and vegetables. Thus, they seem to be very efficient in obtaining all the nutrients they need from a vegetarian diet.

In short, Dubia roaches are high in food value. With each passing time, they are increasing in popularity. When it comes to feeder insects, they are advantageous to both the pets and owners.

Experts said, “Your pets are what they eat”. Therefore, they can be the primary feeder insects for your reptile pet.