What Do You Buy the Cat Who Has Everything? Great Gift Ideas for Pampered Pussycats


Do you have a fabulous feline friend? Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world second only to dogs. Cat owners love their furry friends for their unique nature and incredible physical beauty. To show our pets how much we love them, some of us like to shower them with gifts, but what do you get for the cat who has everything? Here are some great gift ideas for pampered pussycats.

Sophisticated Slumber

Cats love to sleep. In fact, the average moggy sleeps for 12-16 hours a day, so it would make sense to buy them a fabulous bed to provide them with the most blissful sleep ever.

Beds for cats come in a range of sizes and shapes.  For felines who worship any source of heat, consider buying them a hammock bed that hangs over a heater and is made from cozy faux sheepskin fleece fabric. Furry donut-shaped beds are a smart choice, too, as your cat can curl up and make a nest in the beds center.

Ailurophile Art

Have you ever thought about a present for your Abyssinian cat? Cats are such beautiful creatures, and Abysinnians particularly so. If you want to buy a unique gift for your cat honor them by having a portrait of them painted by a local artist or friend, or have a masterpiece designed by a specialist online art company. That way, you will have a permanent and treasured record of their magnificence.

Delicious Delicacies

Although they are notoriously fussy about food, what cat could resist some scrumptious snacks? Look for snacks that are nutritious for your feline as well as being super tasty. Most cats love fish so check out treats made from freeze-dried fish, shrimps, and prawns or even treat them to pieces of fresh salmon or tinned tuna.

Cats can eat some of the same foods as us, so you could sit down to a meal together on your cat’s special day.  Safe foods for cats include fish, cooked poultry, cheese, bananas, berries, melon, carrots, rice, pumpkin, oatmeal, cooked eggs, and spinach.

For a gift that keeps on giving, buy a snack subscription box for your beloved pet. Choose from a selection of tasty snacks tailor-made to your cats requirements, and have them delivered to your mailbox at regular intervals.

Terrific Toys

Keep your cat amused, fit and healthy by purchasing them some fun playthings. Most cats love furry or feathery toys like their prey and will enjoy pouncing on such toys. You can build the bond between you and them by waving around feathers on sticks for them to attack.

For cats who like to climb and jump, consider buying a luxury cat tree with lots of platforms, scratching posts, toys on springs and string, and places to hide and nap. These structures are available to buy in a range of sizes some of which are large enough to fill a whole room!